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In case you missed the excited shouting ...

Tokio Hotel won the best Inter-Act award at the EMAs last night. *does happy dance*

They also performed Monsoon and wow ... I think they were one of the best acts of the night, if not the best. At the end they were covered in water, which sounds corny, but, by golly, it looked so hot.

[Edit2 - Billboard said this of the performance: Tokio Hotel delivered one of the night's highlights with "Monsoon" (nabbed from tokiohoteluk)]

See! :)

Bill's exceptance speech for the band was so lovely, and at one point it looked like he wanted to cry.

You cant imagine what this means to us. Two years ago, the most exciting thing was that our first single, was released in Germany, Monsoon. And now we are here, on this stage, with all these big international artists and we get this award and um, its because of you, our fans, all over Europe. This one goes to you, Thankyou so much, we are so proud, Thankyou
(thanks to tiggerdabounce2 for the transcript)

His English is so good now.

Thank you to everyone who voted.

All nabbed from tiggerdabounce2
Red Carpet
Sendspace dl
Inter-Act Award
Sendspace dl
Sendspace dl

[Edit - created an couple of icons ... if you would like, feel free to snag them:

Red Carpet

Inter-Act Award

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