Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Tokio Hotel EMAs - How to beat the 10 min wait

There is a way to beat the 10 min wait for the voting at the EMAs (it works in IE and Firefox, but I can't get to the settings on Opera - if someone finds out how, please let me know). Thanks to ladyminya for the info.

How to turn off the 10 min wait
1) Go to the band page you want, use Rest of the World as an example.
2) Right click on the page
3) Choose the option "Settings"
4) Ignore the little tab that says "Allow to acces your camera and microphone" and click the small folder symbol at the bottom of the popup (should be the second one along)
5) Move the slider until the value on the right hand side says none (you may or may not get a screen asking you to confirm you want to do this - say yes)
6) Check the "Never ask again" check box
7) Hit close

If you have multiple windows open for various countries you need to do this in every window.

What you have now done is switched off the website's ability to save information on your computer.

How to use this:
1) Vote like normal on both buttons until it says you cannot vote anymore
2) Refresh the page
3) Go to step 1 and repeat :)
Tags: fandom: tokio hotel

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