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Tokio Hotel MTV EMAs

Morning all :). Does anyone else find it interesting that on the various country pages when you vote it says "Thank you" in the native tongue, but "Your vote has been registered" in English, and yet the whole of "Sorry, maximum votes reached" is all in the native tongue? No? Ah well, maybe it's just me. Oh and Russia and Sweden don't seem to work for me ... have not idea why.

Tokio Hotel are nominated in two categories, Band and Inter Act for the MTV EMA's 2007. Voting for each category does not finish till 1st November so we need to keep voting lots until then.

Please, please, please vote for the boys and do so as often as you can. If you change country you can vote again immediately (see the bottom for links).

If you click the "info" button under Tokio Hotel in either category a big voting link will appear in the centre col of the form with another voting link underneath for the other category as well. This means you can vote for both categories from one page.

Thank you.

If you really want to go for the big vote, open each of these links in a different tab on your browser, then vote in each. You can do it in about five or ten minutes, then you have to wait another five mins or so to start the cycle again. (It'll take a while to load them all, but once they are loaded you're good to go all day :)).

Africa, Adria, Belgium (Dutch)/Netherlands, Belgium(French)/France, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Baltic, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK&Ireland, Rest of Europe, Rest of the World
Tags: fandom: tokio hotel

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