Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Y'know ...

... I wish people would warn for death fic. I just read two fics this morning that gave no hint they were going to kill off a main character until they suddenly decided to do so and it drags my mood right down. You don't have to tell me who is going to die, you just have to warm me someone is going to and then I will surf on. Angst does not equal death fic, even the worst angst has a chance of resolution even if it's not being written, death fic is pretty final.

I known some people don't like warnings, but you can always put it in with white text on a white background so it can only be seen when you highlight it. I think that's a great idea because you can warn away wihtout spoiling and make both camps happy.
Tags: info: general

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Recent Posts from This Journal