Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Stuff and Birthdays

Y'know sometimes I wonder if consultants expect developers to be psychic!??

Was in Amsterdam for the weekend - lovely city and lots of lovely places to see and to eat at :). Did wonder for a while if anyone in Amsterdam spoke Dutch ::g:: ... everyone spoke such perfect English. If only the UK was as forward with teaching other languages. Spent far too much money on Tokio Hotel mags when coming back through Calais - one newsagents and I have nine ... and I only stopped picking them up because Rob wouldn't let me have anymore ::g::. Might have been a little over excited there for a while ;).

Now on to the birthdays, Happy Birthday to:
charmed310 for the 3rd,
silver04 and thoughtful_kaos for the 4th,
honeycakehorse, n0b0dys_ang31 and elethoniel for the 6th and
caitlen and raphsody606 for thr 7th
I hope you all have lovely days.
Tags: fandom: tokio hotel, info: birthdays

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