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Fic: More Things In This World..., Tokio Hotel RPS/Torchwood, Bill/Tom, Jack/Ianto, NC17/18, 08/08

Title: More Things In This World... 08/08
Fandom: Torchwood/Tokio Hotel RPS
Pairing: Bill/Tom, Jack/Ianto, Bill/Tom/Jack/Ianto
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.Torchwood characters and situations were created and are owned by RusselT. Davis and the BBC. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: twincest, alien sex
Summary: Promoting the band means travelling all over the UK and Tokio Hotel have ended up in Cardiff for a TV interview and some signings. Thanks to the effects of a rogue alien device they run into Torchwood.
Author's Notes: This fic comes from my seemingly deep psychological need to do all sorts of bizarre things to Bill, and sometimes to Tom too. It has warring aliens, cocoons, torture and sexy boy love, I do hope you enjoy reading it :). Thanks to Soph for the beta.
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Chapter 8 Adaptation to Normality

Bill sat on the bed and fended off another sneak attack by Georg to steal his half full tub of sour gummy bears. They were sitting around in his hotel room just hanging out and he had been munching happily on the tub for about an hour now. He was under strict instructions to eat small and often between meals and to keep up his sugar levels, which had been giving him the perfect excuse to indulge his sweet tooth. He was quite willing to share his stash as well, but last time Georg had got his hands on the pot of gummy bears his friend had found it incredibly funny to refuse to give them back.

Bill had had to play the Gustav card to get them back. Both he and Tom were supposed to be resting, not charging around a hotel room trying to grab a pot of gummy bears, so when the joke had worn thin and Bill had found out exactly why he wasn't supposed to be doing anything like that, he'd looked at Gustav who had promptly sat on Georg and made the guitarist give back the sweets. Georg had somehow found all of this hilarious and had been trying to steal the sweets again ever since.

Tom had a stash of his own, but half of it consisted of fruit, which only Tom seemed interested in, so Bill was Georg's only target. If his friend tried again, he had already decided Georg was getting a slap.

Even though everyone at Torchwood had been very friendly it was nice to be in a hotel now where they were "recuperating from their food poisoning" as far as the rest of the world was concerned. They were due to do the cancelled signing the next day and then be heading back to Germany the day after. Their schedule was all out of whack, but David was running around like a mad thing fixing it for them. David had offered to cancel everything and get them back to Germany as fast as possible for some rest and relaxation, but Bill was craving normality and for them that was signings and interviews and making music. None of them wanted to let their local fans down either and so they were doing the signing first, then going home to recuperate properly.

If the look on David's face and the snippets of conversation he had heard when he had seen their manager on the phone that morning was anything to go by, the record company were not overly pleased and David was furious with the powers that be for suggesting that the band were over playing it. David wasn't the kind of person who often lost his temper; he'd have not been a great manager if he did, but Bill was pretty sure David had been close: he'd been very impressed.

He did actually look like he'd just been through a nasty illness no matter how carefully he applied the makeup, so he was pretty sure no one in the media was going to question it. According to the press release he had been shown, he and Tom had been badly affected by the food poisoning and Georg and Gustav only slightly affected. It was all really plausible.

"Touch my gummy bears and I'll sneak into your room and paint your face with the henna while you're asleep," he warned as he saw Georg's hand appear out of the corner of his eye again.

Explaining how he and Tom had brown markings up the side of their necks when they were supposed to have been at death's door had been a conundrum; until Gustav had pointed out they looked like henna tattoos. Their dad's genetic markers were black and theirs would change colour to black over the next few weeks, but until then they were brown. It had been Georg who had suggested actually getting some henna and using it on him and Gustav to help with a cover story of going stir crazy in a hotel room and just playing around.

Both their friends had actually been brave enough to let him have a go at them and Georg had a lovely tribal design down one arm and Gustav had happy faces on the back of both hands.

"And I'll hit you now too," he decided to make sure his threat was understood.

"Georg bitch slapped to within and inch of his life," Tom commented with a grin, "now that would be difficult to explain to the media."

Bill gave his twin a glare for that, but, because he turned, it did mean his eyes fell on the clock.

"Oh," he said standing up and forgetting all about his gummy bears, "Jack and Ianto will be here soon."

He saw Gustav look at Georg and Georg look at Gustav and both his friends stood up.

"Then that is our cue to go find something else to do," Georg said with a grin.

There was no secret within the band what Bill and Tom got up to when they were on their own and there wasn't any secret about what they were going to be getting up to later either. Jack's proposition when Bill had walked in on him and Ianto had been just that; a proposition, and, after quite a lot of discussion, Bill and Tom had agreed. What it came down to was that all four of them were aware that there was mutual attraction and Bill and Tom needed some advice on the whole sex thing, which could have been done with words, but Jack had suggested practical experience as being better. Actually it had been Ianto who had suggested it, but Jack had been the one doing the persuading.

Bill was pretty sure Jack looked at sex as simply a recreational activity, which he didn't, but Tom seemed to be on the same page as Jack and Ianto was clearly somewhere in between. It left him a little confused, but he trusted Tom implicitly and he did agree that having someone experienced with them the first time would be a good idea.

"I'm going to go use the bathroom," he said, feeling suddenly self conscious.

Earlier in the day, he had been anticipating the whole thing, but now he was nervous and the anticipation was laced with dread. Tom caught his arm before he could walk away.

"Bill," Tom said, taking his face between strong guitarist's hands, "my Bill, we don't have to do this if you don't want to. They'll come here, we'll have a few drinks, they'll go if that's what you want."

He would have shaken his head if he could, but Tom was holding him so that he couldn't look away; his twin knew him too well. He was totally incapable of lying when looking someone directly in the eye.

"No," he said, finding his courage again, "I want this; I want you, I'm just nervous."

Tom leant in so their foreheads were touching and gave a little smile.

"Yeah," Tom said, "me too."

Bill didn't bother to hide his surprise; his cool, calm, very sexually active twin was nervous.

"But you've had sex loads of times," he said, feeling a little calmer at Tom's revelation.

"But never with another guy, and never with someone I loved like I love you," Tom said and Bill's heart just about melted.

Tom was not the sappy type; romance was not something that Bill was used to hearing from his brother, but he knew Tom meant every word. He couldn't help the goofy smile that he felt blossoming onto his face and he moved in to claim a little kiss.

"I love you too," he said pulling back and, as Tom released him, he shook himself. "Right, bathroom," he decided; there were some preparations to make and now he felt much better about making them.


Jack wasn't in his uniform; Bill about died as he opened the hotel room door and let their guests in. In fact Jack was in a pair of black dress trousers, a collarless white shirt with little black buttons and a casual jacket. He looked positively edible. However, it was Ianto who had made the most amazing change; gone was the smart suit and tie and in it's place were jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket. Bill felt kind of underdressed in his jeans and t-shirt with no shoes and only a little makeup.

"Hey, Bill," Jack greeted cheerfully; "you're looking better already; getting back into the rock star life style?"

Bill grinned at that.

"Yeah," he said, letting the two men pass him into the room before closing the door; "the drugs and the groupies are being delivered after you leave."

Tom burst out laughing at that and Bill had to admit that if there was anyone less likely to have drugs and groupies it was him.

"Ah, drugs and groupies," Jack said in a singsong voice, "I miss the sixties; now if you wanted drugs and groupies, that was the decade."

The fact that Jack was for all intents and purposes, immortal had been mentioned before thanks to the fact that Tom had seen Jack die, but the casual mention of a decade so far in the past still brought Bill up short. Jack looked so normal on the outside; it was only when you looked in his eyes you could see more.

"No drugs," Tom said cheerfully, glossing over the whole thing, "but we do have alcohol; what can I get you both?"

What followed was a quick debate on the contents of the mini-bar, the revelation that Ianto was driving and quite a lot of idle small talk as everyone did their best to relax. Well, Tom, Bill and Ianto did their best to relax, since Jack was the kind of person who seemed relaxed no matter the situation. It was nearly an hour later that Bill realised what the time was and he was sitting on the bed, leaning against Tom listening to Jack tell what sounded like a tall tale, but knowing Jack was perfectly true. Bill made a mental note that three foot tall aliens covered in purple tentacles were not to be tried with when sex was involved, even as he nearly snorted Bacardi and coke down his nose at the way Jack told the story.

"Talking of tentacles," Tom said and Bill could see the slight sheen of Dutch courage on his brother's eyes, "I have some that are in need of attention."

Bill almost snorted coke again, since that was one of the corniest lines he had ever heard, even if it was true.

"If we started there," Jack said with a lecherous grin, "things would be over far too soon."

That was a point Bill definitely agreed with; the little nub was rather like connecting himself to instant sex and he knew Tom was little better. The whole idea did make his pulse speed up though.

"As long as we get there eventually," Tom said and gave Jack an answering grin; Bill was impressed.

He had seen Tom on the prowl for girls and it was quite clear Tom was on the prowl now, just for other things.

"Oh we will," Jack replied, "we will. Did you two decide how you want to do this?"

Tom looked at Bill then and the heat in his brother's gaze lit him up inside.

"I'm bottom," he said, staring at Tom and then he dragged his eyes away and looked over at Jack.

They had talked for quite a long time about how they wanted this to go and it had turned out that both of them were very interested in experiencing sex from both positions, but they had decided that Bill would be bottom first for practical reasons. Sex was a strenuous activity and Bill wasn't as far down the path of recovery as Tom and the last thing either of them wanted was to flake out in the middle. Hence their decision.

Jack's grin made him blush madly and he began to wonder how, if he couldn't even talk about it without going all blushing virgin, he was ever going to actually be able to do it. Things were always so much clearer before the moment; everything had been logical before, but suddenly that didn't seem to count any more.

"Bill," Tom's voice dragged his attention back and he turned to look as his twin again, "stop thinking."

Then he found his lips covered by Tom's and he was being kissed and he did exactly what he was told because every thought flew out of his head. Tom had that effect on him; when Tom touched him in any way sexually, it was like he switched into a different mode. Not opening his mouth and giving Tom's probing tongue access to whatever Tom wanted just wasn't an option and he pulled Tom closer, needing as much body contact as possible. It was quite some time before a stray thought wandered back into his head and reminded him that he and Tom were not alone.

When Tom pulled back, he found himself looking over to where Jack and Ianto were, feeling a little guilty. Just diving in, in the middle of a conversation had to be at least a little rude. What he found were two pairs of eyes watching him and Tom intently.

"Don't stop on our account," Jack said, smile playful now, but underlying what Bill could only term as interest; "that was quite a show."

"An arousing display," Ianto agreed even as Jack stepped over to his lover and laced fingers through his hair.

"Perhaps we should reciprocate," Jack said with eyes only for Ianto now and Bill watched breathlessly as Jack drew Ianto to his feet with only the slightest urging.

When the stepped together so that their bodies were completely flush with each other, Bill felt like the two had just completed a circuit and lit up the room. Jack did not linger on Ianto's lips long, kissing lightly there and moving to Ianto's neck with obviously practiced precision. If the way Ianto purred was anything to go by, Bill knew exactly why Jack had done what he'd done. Bill really couldn't have dragged his eyes away if the door had burst in and a hundred paparazzi had fallen into the room.

His breath caught in his throat and his hand tightened on Tom's arm where he had left it sitting when Jack did something that caused Ianto to throw his head back and moan as if his life depended on it. It was so hot that he was sure the temperature in the room went up a couple of degrees. There was also no doubting who was in charge of that particular tryst and the way Jack had Ianto so completely at his mercy made Bill's cock throb with erotic tension.

When the pair moved slightly apart Bill was quite honestly speechless.

"Wow," Tom said and Bill managed a glance at his twin to see an
equally absorbed expression on Tom's face, "you'll have to show me how you do that as well."

Bill was pretty sure that Tom had already done that to him on several occasions, but he didn't have enough brain power to actually voice it.

"How about now?" Jack asked, breaking away from Ianto and sauntering towards the bed.

Tom stood up to meet Jack, almost as if the pair were challenging each other, and Bill would have just stared if he hadn't caught sight of Ianto moving out of the corner of his eye. When he looked, Ianto was admiring him with an expression that was half come on and half innocent and Bill took the invitation. This was about experimentation and kissing he was definitely up for.

Very quickly he brought his legs up under him and scooted down the bed on his hands and knees, kneeling up as Ianto approached him. His stomach was fluttery as he leant forward into unknown territory, but he was feeling bolder by the second. Kissing Ianto was exactly what he had expected; soft lips touched his and it was gentle and exploratory as they slowly deepened the kiss. He could feel the passion running under the surface, but neither of them was being forceful or dominant and it made Bill's heart beat faster for entirely different reasons to when Tom kissed him.

When they mutually moved away from each other, Bill was feeling quite light-headed, but in a very floaty rather than breathless way. Almost as if they were of one mind, they shared a moment and then both turned to look over at Jack and Tom. Bill almost stopped breathing at what he saw.

Things had definitely moved on since he had last been paying attention; Jack and Tom weren't even standing where he remembered them being and it was almost like they were fighting rather than kissing. Jack had Tom pushed up against the wall, holding Tom there with his whole body and the kiss they were sharing was bruising in it's intensity. There was a clear battle for dominance going on and Jack and Tom were sizzling with testosterone as they partially embraced and partially wrestled. Bill wasn't sure what would be hotter; Jack winning or Tom winning.

The break came when Jack pulled back slightly and with lightning speed forced his knee between Tom's legs. That meant Tom lost footing, the kiss broke and Jack's lips attached to Tom's neck. Bill almost stopped breathing as Tom surrendered, groaning in pleasure as Jack attacked. He had felt Tom surrender to him before, body going limp and pliable under him, but to actually see it was quite amazing. He couldn't help a little breathless whimper of his own as the incredible sight.

It was a good couple of minutes before Jack relented and released Tom and Bill couldn't help smiling at how dazed his twin looked.

"My turn," he said, definitely wanting to try what both the others had had from Jack.

"Your wish is my command," Jack said with the hottest grin Bill had seen on anyone including Georg, which was saying something indeed.

He didn't have a chance to climb off the bed as Ianto just stepped back and Jack filled the vacated spot. In fact he barely had a chance to breathe as he felt Jack take control, draw him close and then cover his mouth in a smouldering kiss. The way Jack pressed against him caused the throbbing in his cock to go up a level and his thoughts flew out of his head almost as fast as when Tom kissed him.

Tom was a very good kisser, but it was clear that Jack had had a lot more practice. All that was missing was the fact that Jack wasn't in fact Tom and Bill knew that at a fundamental level, so it was mind-blowingly good; it would just never be perfect. He found out pretty quickly what it was Jack had done to the others to make them vocalise their pleasure as lips clamped onto his neck with just the slightest amount of teeth and he was moaning even loader than Ianto had.

When a body pressed up behind him and another mouth settled on the other side of his neck, he lost all sense of up and down and he really didn't know whether to lean backwards or arch forwards. His eyes were closed, his body was humming and he really didn't know which way to go next and he sort of whined his arousal and uncertainty to the word before it made him burst.

"I think that's enough," Ianto's calm tones just about made it through into his brain and he opened his eyes as Jack moved away.

It turned out Ianto had embraced Jack from behind, just as Tom had done him, and was drawing the older man away. Ianto was clearly not as passive as Bill had thought, just quietly understated.

"You're amazing when you're at my mercy," Tom whispered in his ear, voice full of so much promise that Bill made a tiny noise of pleasure and anticipation without really realising he was doing it.

Tom's arms didn't leave him and as he watched Ianto slowly undoing Jack's buttons one at a time, he felt Tom's hands on his slide over his t-shirt, stopping at the point where it rode up slightly, leaving a little skin on show above his low slung jeans. He hadn't dressed up, but he hadn't dressed down completely, so he wasn't in the jogging bottoms he often liked to lounge around in.

He shivered, but not from any kind of cold, as Tom ran finger tips over the skin on show, just touching the top of his jeans, but going no further. It was enticing and arousing and before very long it was driving him crazy. With what he could see and what he was feeling, he was hard and his erection was pushing against the confining fabric of his trousers. He wanted more and he wanted it soon and he pushed back against Tom, grinding his arse against the hardness under Tom's clothes and making his twin groan in a very deep voice.

The message was, however, understood, since Tom's clever fingers moved on to releasing his belt and then the button and zip of his jeans. Tom didn't stop there either, as soon as there was room, one of Tom's hands dipped under his clothes, cupping him through the material of his boxers. It felt wonderful to have such direct contact and he almost forgot about Jack and Ianto completely as he closed his eyes, put his head back against one of Tom's shoulders and made some very definite sounds of approval. Putting his arms back over Tom's, he took handfuls of his twin's huge clothes and hung on as Tom took him to wonderful places with the gentle petting.

"At my mercy," Tom reiterated in little more than a breathy sound and Bill arched into his twin's touch as much in response to the words as to the movement of Tom's fingers.

Tom's other hand snaked up under his t-shirt, playing over his stomach, then chest and finally settling on teasing one nipple gently. It was completely wonderful and Bill didn't want Tom to ever stop, well unless Tom started to undress him properly, because it was so much easier without the confines of material.

"If you keep doing that he's going to come before you've even removed his shirt."

Jack's voice was so close it made him jump and he opened his eyes to see Jack leaning over him, shirtless, looking at Tom. Ianto was still wrapped around Jack and gave him a smile.

"I don't think so," Tom said as Bill tried to put at least a little of his brain back together; "when he wants to, Bill can go for hours."

They had discovered that one the previous day; Tom had been playing with him for ages and he had loved every second. He loved being touched by Tom, it was that simple and he just wanted more and more.

"My patience isn't that long," Jack said and leaned in to claim a short kiss before standing up and turning back to Ianto; "time to get naked."

Tom's laugh at that was all the warning Bill received before his t-shirt was lifted and pulled upwards. His raised his arms in an automatic gesture and was divested of the garment very rapidly. Tom was climbing off the bed by the time he got his bearings back and was pulling his own large t-shirts over his head and Bill reached out to grab the belt holding Tom's jeans in their precarious position before his twin was finished with the shirts. Once the belt was undone, the jeans had to bow to gravity and slid straight down; Tom kicked them off with a grace that had Bill scrambling to stand up so he could get rid of his.

The loose boxers that Tom favoured were not loose enough to hide the very definite hard-on under them and Bill couldn't help thinking of what it was going to be used for later. There was still the fluttering of nerves in his stomach, but the eagerness was back now and he hurriedly pushed his trousers off his hips. The way Tom was watching him made him feel hot all over and at that moment he couldn't have cared less who else was in the room. When Tom stepped up to him and then knelt down, he couldn't look anywhere else and he shivered from head to foot as Tom slowly pulled down his boxers for him.

He felt exposed in more than just being undressed, as Tom ran his gaze up and down his body, and, when Tom finally stood up again, they were staring into each other eyes and Bill could see Tom's soul. Tom had stepped back when standing up so Bill closed the distance once more, leaned in to cover his twin's lips with his own and slipped his fingers into the waistband of Tom's boxers. Since they were loose, when he pushed them down over the round of Tom's arse and let go, they fell to the floor. Tom stepped out of them without breaking the kiss and then they moved together, closing the small gap between them and moulding skin to skin. Bill felt his erection push against Tom's and all he wanted was more.

Losing himself in the touch, he let his mind sail free for a while as his instincts, his thoughts and his body told him be was right where he was supposed to be. There was nowhere so perfect as Tom's arms.

"So beautiful," were the words that brought him back to the real world.

Turning in Tom's arms, but keeping the embrace close, Bill looked at Jack and Ianto. Jack was holding Ianto now and both of the other men were naked. It was strange thinking of someone other than Tom seeing him like this, but under Ianto and Jack's gazes he did not feel embarrassed or degraded in any way. Somehow it really didn't make any difference that Jack was naked; he seemed so comfortable in his own skin that it was as if it was as normal for him as walking around in clothes. This confidence seemed to ooze into the rest of the room as well and sensibilities about being naked in front of other people didn't seem to count anymore.

They had discussed how this was going to work and had come up with a plan before the actual night; talking about such things at the time had been deemed likely to kill the mood. This was about learning and Bill knew that Tom was going to be the one making love to him, but Jack was going to be the one making sure he was ready. Tom was going to be preparing Ianto since Ianto would know when Tom had got it right. Bill felt his stomach fluttering as he remembered all these details.

Tom seemed to sense his sudden unease and squeezed him gently; they were in this together, they would always be in everything together and Bill knew that all he had to say was stop and no one would so much as touch him. This complete trust gave him confidence even if it did not negate his trepidation.

"How are we doing this?" he asked, taking the bull by the horns as it were.

"You and Ianto on the bed side by side would be best," Jack said, acknowledging his courage with a little nod and a small smile.

Jack had so many different smiles for different occasions that it was difficult to keep track of them all, but Bill was glad of that one. He was feeling incredibly nervous as he let go of Tom and lay down on the bed. There was quite a significant part of him that wanted to call it quits and go and hide, but it was out weighed by the part that was desperate for Tom's touch. The kissing and touching had made him so hard and he was doing his best to hold on to the intense arousal before his nerves took over.

He put his head on his arms and waited, feeling the bed dip as Ianto took up a similar position beside him.

"What ever did we do to deserve such a vision, Tom?" Jack asked in a playful tone and Bill looked over his should to see the other two standing at the end of the bed.

"I was a saint in my last life," Tom said and Bill felt himself blushing as he realised his twin's attention was totally on him again.

Why on earth it was different now he had no idea, but presenting his arse to the world was making him blush.

"Are you two just going to stand there gabbing all night?" Ianto asked and Bill gave his friend a small smile for the come back.

It seemed that the whole room was completely aware that he had suddenly discovered anxiety again and were trying to make him forget it.

"Yeah," Bill said, trying to help, "if someone doesn't touch me soon I'll have to take matters into my own hands."

"Ooh, pushy," Jack said with a laugh, "you're in trouble later, Tom."

"Don't I know it," Tom replied, but there was so much warmth behind the tone that Bill didn't care what his twin was saying.

He didn't bother to respond, just did his best to find a comfortable position to stay in.

"The key to good sex," Jack said and Bill didn’t need to look to know that the older man was moving closer, "it a relaxed bottom and a focused top and I know no better way to relax anyone than a massage."

Jack of course couldn't possibly give a massage like any Bill had ever had before and, when hands touched him, they did not connect with his shoulders, but instead with his lower back. He couldn't help himself; he moaned as Jack's fingers dug in with just the right amount of pressure and the tension in his back just seemed to dissolve.

"It never hurts to have dated a masseuse," Jack said and Bill could hear the cheeky grin even though he couldn't see it.

"Bill, you're so easy," Tom said with a laugh.

"'m not," Bill responded, but he couldn't help moaning again as Jack moved his fingers.

"There and there," he heard Jack saying and one hand left his back, "and then push and stroke upwards."

"Nghhh," was Ianto's response, so Bill had to assume Tom was doing it right.

He really didn't care as he let himself enjoy the sensations running through his back from Jack's attentions while he did his best to forget what was coming. It wasn't that he was dreading it, it was just he didn't want his nervousness to make him tense and wreck things. He even managed to stay completely relaxed when Jack moved on to massaging his arse and he found himself opening his legs slightly under Jack's skilful hands as Jack also turned the top of his thighs to jelly.

When fingers grazed across his balls, it started him out of the almost doze he was in and to his embarrassment he actually yelped.

"Glad to see you’re awake," Jack said with a laugh.

The way Bill could feel his erection pressing into the bed, he was definitely awake.

"I can't help it if you put me to sleep," he came back and he knew there would be reprisals for that comment even as Tom snickered about it.

Bill found himself actually biting his arm when Jack took revenge and brushed a finger over the nub. His brain was working at such odd levels that his most sensible thought was that he was really going to have to remember what the nub was called because "the nub" sounded silly in his head.

"Always start gently," Jack said and Bill did his best to put one thought in front of another, "unless you're very experienced. Testing the waters can be fun."

To his chagrin, Bill squeaked again when a finger flicked lightly over his entrance. When something cold joined it and the playing became slightly more insistent, he made a small sound in the back of his throat and refused to let himself tense up again. Ianto shifted on the bed beside him and Bill could only assume that Tom was putting into practice what Jack was teaching.

He and Tom had played before, never really doing anything, but knowing they wanted to and experimenting just a little, so it wasn't a completely alien sensation, but he had never felt it with lube. That was kind of weird, but nice at the same time.

Jack just teased him for a while, stroking lube over his hole and making him breath hard as the nerve bundles fired in delicious ways. When Jack finally pushed a finger into him, he was ready and his muscles parted easily as he was overcome by the sensation of being filled. There was no discomfort at all and it felt incredibly good even though he couldn't help his arse clenching around the intrusion.

"Such a pert little ass," Jack said in a light tone, "I think I am jealous of Tom."

"You and the rest of the world," Tom said, and Bill knew his twin was using a jokey tone, but he could also hear the underlying possessiveness that lit a furnace in his chest.

"Down boy," Jack replied with a laugh and then Bill didn't care anymore as he was left gasping by Jack moving his finger and finding a spot that made his dick throb mercilessly.

He really wasn't paying attention to anything that was being said for a while after that as Jack demonstrated the spot several times and turned his brain to mush. When he did have enough brain power to care again, he was very glad to find out he wasn't the only one in such a state; Ianto seemed to be well on his way to putty as well.

"Tom, you have natural talent," Jack said a little after Bill's brain switched back on.

Ianto just groaned in response and Bill found himself grunting in displeasure as the finger in his arse was removed. He had been enjoying that and no one could accuse him of not being just a little demanding. The reward for the objection was a quick slap on the arse as the bed moved and Jack stood up.

"Behave," Jack said and Bill really couldn't be bothered to object. "There are many ways to prepare an ass for a cock," Jack continued, as matter of fact as ever, "but one of my favourite is toys."

Bill looked over his shoulder again to see Jack fishing in his jacket pocket and producing something he couldn't make out. Jack threw one at Tom who caught it and Bill tried to see what it was.

"Things that move are good," Jack said, waving around the other toy that it appeared was long, thin and silver; "things that vibrate are better."

Bill had no idea what he was in for, but, dropping his head back into his arms, he hoped it was going to be as good as the finger. There was a few moments when he didn’t know what was going on and then something cold touched his needy entrance. The width of it stretched him more than Jack's finger, but his muscles parted easily to begin with. It seemed to be getting wider and wider though and it wasn't too long before his arse was complaining and the toy wouldn't go in any further.

"Now for the magic," Jack said and then the thing in his arse began to make a low buzzing noise as it started to vibrate.

"Oh," was about all Bill could manage as vibrations ran through his rear and all the way up his spine.

It definitely was magic and his body seemed to like it a lot. He couldn't help himself as he started to make a pleasure-filled noise in the back of his throat that could have been mistaken for a cat with the cream. He was in harmony with the toy and he bowed to it completely as his body slowly began to open up.

He began to feel the familiar build up behind his balls; the one that he knew meant he was very much into this and, as the toy slipped further and further into him, he came closer and closer to letting go.

"Come on, Billi," Jack said in a playful tone heavily laced with sex, "I know you want to."

Jack stroked a finger lightly over the nub just once and that was all it took; Bill felt his body reach the first level of sexual ecstasy. He shuddered and all his nerves came alive as the nub burst open and the toy slid into him fully. He really didn't care what else was going on as he just did his best not to travel that last little distance and come on the spot. He wanted Tom inside him for that and, biting his lip, he fought off his climax with a will of iron, but his higher brain functions seemed to float beyond his reach as well.

All he knew now was that he wanted Tom and he wanted Tom as soon as physically possible. He didn't care what he had to do, or if it would hurt, or how he could get what he wanted, all that mattered was that he needed Tom right at that very moment.

"Tom," he all but growled.

It was as if something had been switched on in his head now that his whole anatomy was awake and the answer to every question was Tom. The toy was still in his arse and still vibrating gently and he really didn't care if Tom joined it or it was taken out first.

"Just pull it slowly," he heard Jack speaking, but he wasn't paying attention to the words and he only understood it when the toy was gently being removed.

He knew it was Tom's hands on him and he lifted off the bed to try and find more contact, but an arm caught him around the waist before he could move too far. It wasn't Tom's arm and he tried to pull away, but it didn't work.

"Bill," Jack's tone wasn't remotely playful anymore, "I want you to listen carefully to me. Tom will be with you in a moment, but you have to stay still."

Tom was his match, his perfect mate and Bill was so close to having that now that he didn't want to wait.

"What's wrong with him?" he heard Tom's aroused, but worried tone.

"Endorphin overload," Jack replied, not that Bill really cared; "think of it as nature's most powerful sex drug. Bill has just discovered the real Neranian sex drive."

"Why hasn't this happened before?" Tom asked and Bill growled again since he wasn't interested in talking.

"Those hormonal changes that only happen with full intercourse," Jack said, holding him still even as he tried to move, "Bill's getting there a little early."

There was more conversation, but Bill was a bit beyond listening and he didn't stop trying to move until he felt Tom's hands on his hips. Jack still wouldn't let him move, but the urgency dulled a little as Tom's cock bumped into his arse; he was getting what he needed. When Tom began to push in slowly, he wanted to push back to complete the move more quickly, but Jack held him firm.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," Tom said like a mantra and Bill felt like the meaning of his life was finally coming into being.

"Just let go, Tom," Bill recognised Jack's words mostly because he agreed with them; "let it happen."

"Oh fuck," Tom said, sliding home and then Bill felt his twin shudder in a very familiar way.

The sensations from the tendrils were difficult to describe, but he knew the moment they began to reach for something. He really didn't understand what was happening, but he knew it was good and, when tendrils met tendrils, he moaned long and hard. It was like electricity through his whole body for a split second and it had the most amazing effect on his brain.

It took a few moments, but he found himself gasping, painfully aroused, full of Tom and suddenly completely aware of the whole thing. It was as if his mind decided to work again in a split second and everything hit him at once.

"Oh god," he said, as he almost collapsed back onto the bed.

"Breathe," Jack's calm voice told him, "just breathe."

He felt so full and so exposed and it felt wonderful, but frightening to seemingly have missed how he came to this point.

"Relax and breathe," Jack instructed and so he did.

When Jack finally let him go, he was ready, but a little unsteady on his hands and knees. He moved just a little, testing his boundaries and Tom moaned long and loud.

"Move, please," he forced out from between his teeth.

It was all quite amazing and, when Tom did as he had asked, he just whimpered and allowed the sensation to run over him. There was some pain that in the haze he had seemingly been unaware of, but it was overshadowed by the deep sensations of pleasure that reverberated through his whole body.

He had Tom, Tom had him and that was all that mattered. It was a thought that blew his mind in ways that had nothing to do with sexual overload and he opened himself as much as he could as Tom thrust into him. Gasping out his pleasure, he sank into the feeling and knowledge that Tom was making love to him and everything that had happened, everything that would happen meant nothing. There was only the present and he could feel Tom completely in the moment with him.

Tom's long fingered hands held his hips firmly and each thrust took him closer to what they both needed. This was about physical pleasure, but it was also about something far deeper and nothing else existed for Bill except that. When Tom thrust into him fully, he knew what as coming, but he had no frame of reference for ecstasy that lanced through him as he felt Tom release inside him. It was like for a moment they were one and Tom's climax was his as his own body went into spasm as well and he collapsed forward onto the bed.

There was no strength in him and Tom sprawled over him just as boneless as they remained intimately joined. About all Bill could do was breathe and even that wasn't easy, as his body rode the high. It seemed like forever before his body began to come back under his control and Tom only recovered a little sooner. Tom was slowly trying to move off and out of him as his brain began to move with normal thoughts again and he pushed himself on his side once he was free so that he could see Tom.

It was almost like he was seeing his twin for the first time as something settled inside him, something that could never be broken. Not knowing how else to express what he was feeling, all he did was move forward as well as he could and buried his face in the crook of Tom's neck. His body was still ringing with the after shocks of orgasm and his mind was reeling, but he knew without a doubt that he had just found heaven.

Tom's arms wound around him and they remained like that for the longest time; it never even remotely occurred to Bill that there was anything else going on in the room. The thought didn't enter his head and, when he finally did move, he was almost shocked to find he and Tom were not alone on the bed.

Jack and Ianto were spooned together on the other side of the bed, just lying there watching and Bill had to blink several times before this actually made sense to him. When he finally focused on Jack, it could have been terribly awkward, but Jack being Jack just gave the most incredibly dirty grin.

"Was it good for you?" Jack asked and, despite his current mood, Bill just had to laugh.

He was too tired to think straight and so he accepted the humour for what it was and Tom was smiling in amusement when he finally looked up as well. He had just had his mind blown and put back together again and so he decided not to think too hard. It only occurred to him gradually as he let his eyes wander up and down Ianto and Jack that Ianto was still hard and it slowly occurred to him that he was forgetting something.

"Shouldn't you two attend to that?" he asked, letting his eyes flick to Ianto's obvious problem.

He was too happy to worry about anything at all and for once he really liked the idea of just watching. He was pretty sure Jack would take up the challenge and, as long as no one asked him to move in the near future, he was more than content.

"I think Bill has a point," Jack said, nuzzling Ianto's neck and Bill rolled onto his back, smiling.

Life was just about perfect.


Bill had all but fallen onto the bed face first when he'd walked into his hotel room. The signing had gone well, but thanks to all the publicity around the cancelled one there had been literally twice as many fans there as the record company had expected. It had taken hours and some of the afternoon was nothing but a blur in his head. He was pretty sure he would have ended up face down on some poor fan's CD if it had gone on any longer.

"Bill," someone was shaking his shoulder, "food."

He didn't remember falling asleep, but he had to have been dozing, because he really didn't remember much more than falling onto the bed. Very reluctantly he did his best to move and found that his body was even more unhappy about it than his brain.

"Shit," he said to the world in general and did his best to push himself into a sitting position.

"Nice nap?" Georg asked while fiddling about with things on a large trolley that was sitting in the room.

Bill made a non-committal noise, considering how difficult he was finding waking up, he wasn't sure a nap had been a great idea.

"I'm just going back to sleep," he decided when his arms made it clear that lying down was better than trying to sit up.

"Oh no you don't," Georg said and began to help him to sit up whether he liked it or not; "if I let you go to sleep before you eat dinner, your dad will string me up by the bollocks the moment he sees me again."

He glared as well as he could while half asleep and Georg helped him sit up against the headboard.

"The others will be here in a minute," Georg said, grinning even though Bill was using his death glare, "Tom wanted to change and Gustav went along to make sure he didn't fall asleep like you."

"What is it with everybody and keeping me awake this week?" he moaned, but there was no venom behind his tone; it was really quite nice to be fussed over.

"We've all ganged up just to annoy you," Georg replied in kind.

Bill watched as Georg went over to the tray where it seemed things were already in order and then he found himself presented with one of the most humungous plates of food he had ever seen.

"I can't eat all that," he protested, even though his stomach growled at the lovely aromas coming off the food.

"Just give it a go," Georg said, as laid back as ever. "We ordered it using that list your dad gave us before he went home this morning."

Mealtimes were a bit of a challenge lately, since it was clear people were trying to stuff him with as much food as possible, even though he was snacking all the time as well. It was a regime he and Tom would be on for at least another month according to their dad and Bill was sure he would be as big as a house by them.

This meal consisted of a double-decker burger with bacon and cheese, a huge pile of rice with other things dotted through it (undoubtedly an attempt to get him to eat vegetables), a few fries that were probably a peace offering for having a go at the veggies and a corn on the cob.

"There's strawberry mousse for desert," Georg said, sitting down with his own much smaller plate; "if you eat at least two thirds of that."

"I'm not five," Bill protested, glaring again for good measure.

"No, you're just acting like it," Georg replied with a very unrepentant grin; "now eat up before you fall asleep in the ketchup."

"I hate you," Bill snarled and picked up a fry, since he was pretty sure it was the worst thing for him on the plate.

Georg just laughed, which might have led to a round of verbal sparing, but about then the first bite of food hit Bill's stomach and he discovered he was ravenous. He had the burger in his hands and had just taken a ridiculously large bite when the door opened and Tom and Gustav walked in. He was shocked by Tom's appearance; his usually bouncy twin looked about ready to drop.

"Are you okay?" he asked, or at least tried to ask, but soon realised that a mouthful of food made it very difficult to speak.

"Fine," Tom said, sitting down next to him and clearly having understood him even though he was pretty sure no one else could have, "just tired like you. God, I'll be glad to get home."

"I think some R&R will be just what to doctor ordered," Gustav agreed, handing Tom a plate that looked suspiciously similar to Bill's.

Bill swallowed his food so that he could communicate.

"Have they fixed the flight yet?" he asked, eyeing his plateful of rice sceptically.

"Just eat it," Tom said as if reading his mind; "you'll like it."

"Tomorrow at noon," Gustav replied, sitting down on the sofa next to Georg.

"Then its two weeks of nothing but lounging around and relaxing," Georg said with a grin.

"The record company agreed to two weeks?" Bill asked, surprised; last he had heard the powers that be had been trying to work it down to a week.

"David threatened to quit very loudly and publicly if they didn't," Gustav said, clearly impressed; "and so did most of the rest of the team."

Bill had been so busy just staying awake that he had missed all of this and he was touched. He had had no idea that those around him would go out on such a limb for them.

"Besides which, we signed for two and a half thousand people today," Georg said; "we damn well deserve some time off."

Bill smiled at that and finally tried a fork full or rice; it was surprisingly good.

"So many pretty girls," Tom said with an over done sigh, "I didn't know where to look next."

For that Bill kicked his twin in the ankle.

"Possessive much?" Tom said with a roll of his eyes.

"Oh yeah," Bill replied with as menacing grin as he could manage.

"We bachelors will just have to keep up the rep of the band," Georg said with a laugh and grabbed Gustav around the neck in what Bill assumed was a show of solidarity.

That earned Georg rather a black look from Gustav, which made Bill laugh.

"We're not married," Tom protested, and Bill had to admit that the mental image that idea conjured up was rather ridiculous.

For some reason the word marriage conjured up Tom in a suit coming home from the office and him waiting at home wearing a frilly apron. It was rather disturbing and he could only blame it on how fuzzy his brain was.

"No, you're just joined at the hip," Georg said, obviously still finding the joke funny.

"It's not the hip," Bill said before his brain actually caught up with his mouth.

He felt himself going bright red as he realised what he had just said. He could still very much feel what he and Tom had been doing the previous night with Jack and Ianto's help and the innuendo had just kind of popped out of his mouth. From Tom this would have been nothing new, but from him it was rather unusual.

Gustav even looked vaguely shocked, where as Georg just about fell off the sofa laughing. Tom gave him an impressed grin and then went back to eating.

Things had changed so much so quickly and yet here they were laughing and joking and chatting as if everything was normal. It was quite amazing to think about really and moving closer to Tom he felt suddenly a little choked up. He had the most ridiculous impulse to cry and not because he'd had a nightmare or Tom wasn't there and he was afraid, but because he was happy.

They were going home and they would have to deal with family and friends and sort everything out, but he wasn't worried. It was quite difficult to imagine how many mental leaps it had to have taken for those around them to adjust and yet they had. That support meant more to him in the world and he shoved another fork full of rice into his mouth and dropped his head a little to fight off the tears that that thought inspired.


Tom looked out of the window of the plane and did his best to relax. They were on their way home and it was time to begin to let go of all the stress. He turned his face back into the plane and looked down to the head on his shoulder. Bill was sleeping, leaning against him and looking completely innocent. The signing the previous day had wiped them both out, but more so Bill. Tom was pretty sure he could have been back on form in a week, but he knew that Bill would need the full two; too many things had happened to Bill that even two weeks was a ridiculously short time.

Bill had slept in the van on the way to the airport; he had slept in the business lounge while they waited for the plane; he had fallen asleep the moment they had sat down on the plane itself; and Tom had no doubt his twin would sleep all the way home from the airport at the other end. Bill's batteries were about on empty and Tom was feeling more than a little protective.

He knew he had been through the wringer as well, but the worst part was hazy in his mind. When Bill had been kidnapped he had about lost his mind and all his memories of that time felt as if they belonged to a different person. No doubt some psychologist would tell him that he had disassociated himself from it in his mind; he had watched enough of the discovery channel in his time to know that, but it still meant it wasn't quite real. Bill on the other hand didn't seem to have done anything of the sort. Tom knew only too well that Bill hadn't by the number of times his twin had woken from nightmares since they had got him back.

It seemed unbelievable how much their lives had changed in little more than a week. Not only did they know all about things they had never heard of before, but they were officially aliens, or rather, half aliens. Bill was everything to him now, but he had also almost lost his twin and that was going to leave scars on his psyche for a long time. The way he was feeling, if someone looked at Bill wrong they were going to get a face full of him. At least with the cover story the press would hopefully give them some leeway; they had been told that Bill had been the worst and had been very ill indeed, so Tom being over cautious shouldn't raise too many eyebrows.

The fact that they had done the singing at all seemed to have won them points with the British fans and media if the coverage they had seen so far was anything to go by. It was weird, but cancelling the first time seemed to have actually increased their popularity rather than decreased it. That at least was one plus point to come out of the whole thing. From what David had said, the record company were finally beginning to see the upside even if all sorts of things were having to be rearranged.

Looking around the plane, Georg had gone to sleep as well and Gustav was reading a book. It had been quite a week for them all and getting home would be good for each of them. He really hadn't had much time to worry about the others during all of this; he'd been far too worried about Bill. It was really incredible to think that they were still going forward, they were still a band ready to do what they loved. Everything of the past days had been so crazy and yet in some ways nothing was different at all. There was the old adage that in times of crisis you really knew who your friends were and Tom was very sure now.

He knew there were going to be some deep conversations in their family over the next few months and with some of their other friends too; Andreas sprung to mind immediately, but thanks to how those around them had reacted so far, he wasn't as nervous about it as he could have been. Who knew what alien heritage was going to mean in the future, all he knew now was that he was surrounded by good people.

Reaching up, he tucked Bill's hair behind one ear so that it didn't fall in Bill's mouth or tickle his nose. His first priority was Bill and it always would be, but, glancing around again, he was very aware that they would never be alone.

The End
Tags: category: slash, category: threesome/moresome, ch_story: more things in this world, fandom: tokio hotel, fandom: torchwood, fictype: 30kwds up, fictype: chaptered, genre: creature fic, pairing: th - bill/tom, pairing: threesome/moresome, pairing: tw - jack/ianto, pairing: xo - bill/tom/jack/ianto, rating: r to nc17

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    Thu, 15:11: RT @ RichardBurgon: I have secured a debate in Parliament next week on the future of our NHS. I will be demanding: ▪️an end to the…

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