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Fic: More Things In This World..., Tokio Hotel RPS/Torchwood, Bill/Tom, Jack/Ianto, NC17/18, 07/08

Title: More Things In This World... 07/08
Fandom: Torchwood/Tokio Hotel RPS
Pairing: Bill/Tom, Jack/Ianto, Bill/Tom/Jack/Ianto
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.Torchwood characters and situations were created and are owned by RusselT. Davis and the BBC. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: twincest, alien sex
Summary: Promoting the band means travelling all over the UK and Tokio Hotel have ended up in Cardiff for a TV interview and some signings. Thanks to the effects of a rogue alien device they run into Torchwood.
Author's Notes: This fic comes from my seemingly deep psychological need to do all sorts of bizarre things to Bill, and sometimes to Tom too. It has warring aliens, cocoons, torture and sexy boy love, I do hope you enjoy reading it :). Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Link: Chapter Listing

Chapter 7 Never Stand Between Twins

Tom could feel Bill, instinctively knowing that his twin was in distress and it just made him angrier. He wanted to lash out and destroy anyone who had dared touch Bill and he could feel the power inside of him like it was a living thing. If it hadn't been for his father's restraining presence and the fact that Jack seemed to be doing very well putting Sesscar warriors down without him, he would have reacted. The fact that his leg ached like hell wasn't helping his mood either.

The alarm was sounding, so he knew it wouldn't be long before there were more than Jack could handle. The teleport device had set off all the ship's systems as soon as they had arrived, but they had appeared in a less populated part of the ship as far as Tom could tell. So far Jack had dealt with six of the Sesscar one at a time and had stolen one of their teleport devices for the trip back once they found Bill. The voice that announced their presence was helpfully understandable and Tom had no idea how that worked, but Jack had muttered something about universal translation adapters that he seemed impressed with. Tom couldn't be bothered with any of that.

This was not supposed to be a prolonged visit and Jack had warned him to stay out of it unless he was needed, so that was what Tom was doing. His dad had some sort of stunner as well, but it was only good for a couple of shots; enough to escape as his father had put it, so that was a backup as well.

"Right," his dad said, looking at the scanner in his hand as they approached another break in the corridor.

The problem with right made itself obvious as soon as Tom followed Jack in that direction: the corridor widened into a much larger area with another three corridors coming into it and each one had soldiers in it.

"Oh shit," Jack said and lifted his gun.

When the firing began Tom had had enough. His whole focus was Bill and these idiots with guns were between him and his twin and that was not right. Bill was in danger, he could feel it, and he had to protect Bill at all costs. Anyone who threatened Bill made him very, very angry and he let go of the fury he had been holding onto since his dad had talked him down.

Without pausing, he walked straight into the open area and every bolt of energy that came towards him skittered away or bounced back as he let his anger take form. He didn't understand what he was doing, but he didn't need to, because it just seemed to work.

"Tom," Jack yelled after him, "get your arse back here."

Tom was way beyond taking any notice of anyone else and he glanced back at Jack and his father once. The enemy seemed to think that was an opportunity to attack and three of them tried to rush him. With a snarl he threw out his hand and two of them flew backwards to crash into the wall; the third went down with one of Jack's bullets in his body.

"That way," Jack said, coming up beside him and pointing at the space the three Sesscar had left with their attack.

"No," Tom said, automatically turning to where his instincts knew he would find Bill.

He didn't care who he had to go through; all he knew was that he had to get to Bill. He could feel little shots of what felt like electricity in his chest and, when the two Sesscar he had thrown against the wall decided to stand up, he lashed out. Energy exploded in his chest and lanced down his arm and this time both went down and stayed down, but it cost him. The moment it was done he felt lightheaded and it took him a moment to recover and realign his bearings. In that moment Jack stepped in front of him and then he saw what happened next in slow motion.

There were soldiers coming at them from all directions and Jack was not fast enough. One of the Sesscar aimed and fired and Jack went flying backwards, a blackened hole the size of a large coin in the middle of his forehead.

Shock rocketed through Tom's system, but it did not shut him down, in fact it did the opposite. He knew he couldn't take every Sesscar with the energy power inside him; he would be face down on the floor before he was half done, but the invisible force he seemed to be able to use, that was different. It was just like Bill to have used the flashy alternative when another would have done and he wasn't going to make the same mistake.

With a roar, he thrust out both his arms and sent a wall of force at the attackers. His mind was working on levels he did not understand and instincts that were unfamiliar to him were screaming that one of the Sesscar that went tumbling backwards was the real danger. The logical part of his mind told him that the Sesscar's uniform was different from most of the others so he just went with it. As his dad took down two of the soldiers trying to get back up again, he went after his chosen target.

The soldier he was after didn't stand a chance under the force of his anger and went flying backwards twice before Tom reached the alien and loomed over him.

"I want him back," he all but screamed, feeling the energy in his chest stirring again.

His fury was almost complete and he had no control left. He was ready to destroy anyone who was in his way and he lifted his hand. The Sesscar seemed to keep getting back up when he threw them around, but they were definitely vulnerable to the other power.

"Tom, no!"

The sound of Bill's voice drew him up short and he froze, hand still positioned to strike. He turned immediately as soon as he heard coughing and, when his eyes stopped on Bill, he almost went back to what he had been doing. Bill was quite frankly a mess. His twin was wrapped in a blanket and only standing because a woman was holding him up, and Bill was pale, barely seemed to be awake and had obviously been crying, since there were dried tear streaks on his face. Tom was overcome by the need to hurt someone for doing that to his beloved twin.

"Tom," Bill called to him again as the fury almost took him, "no."

The voice was weak, but the tone was firm.

Tom looked down at the now unarmed Sesscar he had been about to destroy and suddenly the red rage parted and he saw a living, breathing being at his mercy. It was like one minute the soldier in front of him was a thing and the next a person and it shocked him into stepping back. He had been ready to kill and that scared him into sense and he looked back over at Bill.

It wasn't really a decision; it was just something he had to do as he quickly crossed the distance to his twin. Bill went to him as soon as he lifted Bill's arm and looped it around his neck and he took Bill's weight gladly as the woman let go. Bill was leaning against him so heavily that he wasn't sure Bill's legs were working at all. He just pulled Bill close and let his twin lay his head on his shoulder while scanning the room for possible danger.

More soldiers arrived with guns and he tensed to do whatever had to be done, but the fallen commander held up his hand.

"Hold," was the barked order.

Given the hole he had seen in Jack's head, it scared the life out of him when Jack drew in a shuddering breath and sat up beside where his father was kneeling. The way his dad looked flabbergasted seemed to indicate it was not something his dad had seen before either.

"Oh good," Jack said almost as soon as the strange man opened his eyes, "the shooting has stopped. Did we win?"

Suddenly all eyes were on Tom.

"Yes," the commander of the Sesscar said simply.

Tom wasn't sure what was going on; things were happening too fast and it was all so confusing. The Sesscar he had put down were climbing back to their feet, but they all remained exactly where they were. It was clear his instincts had been right about the Sesscar he had been about to kill.

The commander bent down and picked up the gun on the floor and then walked directly towards him and he waited nervously to see what would happen. He had Bill now, which had pushed aside some of his rage, but it didn’t help with whole not understanding anything that was going on thing. When the warrior went down on one knee and presented him with the weapon, handle first he didn't know what to do.

"I, Mazar, offer my life into your hands," the Sesscar said formally, "and beg that you allow my crew and ship to leave."

That was about the last straw and Tom found himself irrationally annoyed and took the gun.

"I don't want your life," he all but spat at the warrior, "I never did. You took my twin and did god knows what to him and for that I should kill you, but you're lucky, Bill doesn't want me to. You can take your crew and your ship and fly into the nearest black hole for all I care, but if you ever come near me, my family or my fucking planet ever again nothing will stop me from frying every last one of you."

Mazar looked rather shocked, but the female Sesscar that had had Bill seemed to be amused rather than anything else. That confused him even more.

"Nice speech, Tom," Jack said with a grin, "we should sign you up for the diplomatic arm."

At that moment he wasn't sure if he'd rather kiss Jack or hit him, but that was nothing new.

"Right, well interesting party folks," Jack said dragging their father over towards them, "but you heard our current champion, so we'll be leaving to let you get on your way. Please don't come back to bother our citizens or anyone who might happen to be visiting our planet or there will be rather nasty repercussions. If you want to talk peace, the door's always open; just call Torchwood."

"I will remember you," he heard the unnamed female say to Bill and Bill mumbled something in reply, but it didn’t make much sense even to him.

Then before anyone could change their minds, his father took hold of Bill's free hand, and his hand, and the ship vanished around them as he saw Jack activate the device the older man had stolen earlier. The whine of the Sesscar teleport was loud when he came out of the transport his father had used and Jack appeared, moving to help him with Bill the moment they were all back in one piece. He was very sure he didn't like teleportation devices at all.

"Owen, a little help, now," Jack called and Tom found Bill being taken from him.

He was going to object when he discovered that his legs felt something akin to jelly and his dad caught him by the arm to steady him.

"Wondered when it would hit you," his father said and offered him a shoulder to lean on to follow where Jack was currently carrying Bill.

Things moved quickly from there; Bill was given the once over and deemed exhausted but stable and Owen set Bill up with a glucose drip and put him to bed. There was a patch on Bill's neck that must have come from the Sesscar and his dad had said it was something akin to the drip, only more sophisticated so it had been left in place too. Only once Bill was safely tucked up did Tom let himself think about anything else and then his mind flicked back to what he had seen.

"Jack," he asked, since it was the most important thing in his head, "did you come back from the dead?"

Jack gave him a grin.

"You could put it that way," the older man replied.

"If I ask why, will I like the answer?" Tom asked next.

"Well it's rather complicated and involved Daleks, Doctors, Roses and the heart of the TARDIS," Jack said in his usual jovial tone.

It was kind of a relief to hear it back in place after the last few hours when Jack had been anything but playful.

"Okay," Tom decided as his brain failed to comprehend half of what had just been said, "forget I said anything."

Then he let himself be examined briefly and was also given the all clear, but his treatment was some high sugar drinks rather than a needle in his arm. He parked himself next to Bill in their room and decided to do his best to forget things for a while.


Bill moved closer to the warmth next to him, feeling safe near the familiar smell and shape as he drifted just below waking. He didn't consciously recognise it as Tom, not until he began to shift a little further from sleep and then he remembered his fear and he woke up instinctively reaching for his twin.

"I'm here," Tom said immediately, as if knowing exactly what was going through his head, and a hand slipped into his.

It took him a moment to gather his bearings and for his brain to really begin to comprehend why he was even afraid and that the danger was in fact gone. His heart was beating a little fast and he could still feel the lingering unease, but Tom's presence helped calm him considerably.

"How are you feeling?" Tom asked, sitting away from the headboard and giving him a once over.

"Tired," Bill replied honestly since he still felt completely wiped out, "and my head hurts."

When he tried to move his left arm he noticed the I.V. attached to it; he didn't really remember getting that.

"Owen has been muttering about sugars and electrolytes and insisted on forcing as much of that stuff into you as possible," Tom said as Bill wondered how long he was going to have a tube connected to his arm. "Now you're awake he'll probably start forcing you to drink glucose solution; you'd think he'd never heard of Lucozade. Do you want me to go and get you some pain killers?"

The idea of being left alone at that moment sent a shot of terror through Bill that he couldn't hide and Tom moved closer instantly.

"Forget I suggested it," Tom said quickly; "not going anywhere."

Part of him felt ridiculous hanging on to his brother's hand like his life depended on it, but he couldn't bring himself to let go. The idea of being alone caused him to be irrationally afraid and Tom moved a little closer.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Tom asked quietly after a little while.

Bill looked up at his twin and shook his head; he really didn't want to think about it, so the idea of talking just made him cold inside.

"You?" he asked, well aware that it had not just been his ordeal.

Tom shook his head, but Bill wasn't quite sure his brother really meant it. They had had too many shocks over the last couple of days and they were both being worn thin. They leant together in silence and Bill let the comfort of having Tom so close seep into him.

"I wasn't brave," he found himself speaking before he really decided to do it. "I told them everything they wanted to know and I didn't even try not to."

Somehow he felt guilty for that now and the urge to speak overcame his desire to just forget it.

"We're not soldiers, Bill," Tom said, stroking his hair out of his face for him, "we're just kids who make music. You were right to tell them."

"They didn't believe me," he replied, and his voice sounded small even to him. "They had this machine and ..."

He couldn't say it and Tom gathered him up in an embrace, pulling him close.

"It was like I had to answer, as if they were in my head," he said, feeling the need to speak now and yet being afraid as well. "It hurt. I don't ... I don't know what would have happened if Diosa hadn't come."

The idea of the machine was a nightmare he did not want to relive, but it wouldn't leave his mind.

"Who's Diosa?" Tom asked in a very gentle tone.

"The one who brought me to you," he replied, trying to relax against Tom and let the tension go. "She told them to take me home. They thought we were weapons, Tom, that dad had made us to fight, but Diosa didn't. I think I would be dead without her."

It was a hard thing to come to terms with, but Bill had felt his own mortality very keenly on the Sesscar ship and he would never be quite the same again.

"Then I should have thanked her," Tom said, leaning lightly on the top of his head so that Bill was tucked under his twin's chin.

They stayed that way for quite some time, just safe in each other's arms.

"I was ready to kill them all," Tom spoke again eventually and Bill knew this was what had been bothering his twin. "If you hadn't stopped me..."

"I know," Bill said as Tom trailed off, "I felt you. When they came to the hub I was the same. I think I know why Dad's people engineered it out; it's so overwhelming."

Tom's grip became tighter for a moment.

"Maybe we are weapons," Tom said after a while.

"It was life and death, Tom," Bill said, since that was one thing he was sure of, "we were defending our family. I don't think that makes us weapons. I just want to forget all this and go back to being a band."

He actually felt Tom relax a little then and was glad that he could at least be a little comfort to his twin considering how much he needed Tom right at that moment. If he had been going through this without Tom he was sure he would have simply come undone.

In the end it was a knock on the door that finally made them move and Bill looked up to find his father hovering in the doorway.

"Come in, Dad," Tom said, but didn't go to move at all, for which Bill was very glad.

"Hi boys," their father greeted, walking into the room, "how are you feeling?"

"Bill needs some headache tablets," Tom said almost immediately.

"Already thought of that," their dad said and produced a small packet from his pocket. "I went back to my ship for these. They'll help with any after effects and they won't bother your metabolisms."

He gave several of the little silver packets to Tom and Bill just stayed where he was.

"They dissolve on your tongue," their father explained, "and one should last twenty four hours. No more than three in forty eight."

Bill took one of the small round pills as soon as Tom unwrapped it for him and popped it onto his tongue. His head felt something like there was a ram behind his eyes continually increasing the pressure on his optic nerves, so he was very glad of the relief.

"Thanks," he said quietly and settled back against Tom again.

For a moment their father looked a little haunted and Bill guessed what was coming.

"I'm so sorry," their dad said, "you should never have been part of this. If I had been more careful this would never have happened."

Bill lifted his hand and reached out without saying anything, just looking at his father. Tom stayed perfectly still, seeming to understand and finally their dad moved to take Bill's hand.

"Not your fault, Dad," he said, around the pill in his mouth, "don't ever say that again."

He didn't feel up to any long drawn out conversation, but on that point he was very sure. They would be having some long talks and Bill was pretty sure it would take them all a long time to come to terms with everything, but he wanted his father to believe this one thing right now. Tom reached out and put a hand over both his and their dad's and he was sure Tom would be looking at their father the same way he was. This was not an issue up for debate. Finally their dad nodded and Bill felt just a tiny bit better.


Jack stood beside the partially open door and just looked in through the crack to where he could see Tom and Bill on the bed. He knew the pair had spoken to their father, because he'd had a conversation with Jorg a half hour or so previously and Owen had been to check on his patients at least once as well, so he thought it was about time he put in an appearance. It was technically the middle of the night, but he didn't need the sleep and he could see that Tom at least was awake.

Bill was lying down with his head in Tom's lap, one arm thrown out to the side where it was still connected to the I.V. and Tom was half sitting, half laying on the bed, carding his fingers through Bill's hair. It looked so peaceful and innocent, except for the expression on Tom's face, and Jack knew that feeling intimately, because he had almost lost people he loved more than life itself as well.

He gave a very quiet knock on the door and pushed it open. Tom's head came up to look at him instantly and for just a moment he saw the warrior he had seen on the Sesscar ship in Tom's eyes. It would have been scary if he hadn't known why and if it hadn't been gone a second later.

"Hi," he said quietly, "how's Bill?"

That question earned him Brownie points; he could see it in Tom's body language.

"Afraid," Tom replied in an equally low voice; "he hasn't told me much yet, but I know they tortured him. Some sort of machine."

Jack knew as much already from his talk with Jorg, but he didn’t say so.

"Technology may advance, but civilisations still seem to need to find better ways to cause pain," he commented; this was not a conversation he could take lightly.

He had been on the end of torture a few times himself and he felt as if Torchwood had failed to keep the barbarians at the gates this time. Bill and Tom were just kids and they should never have had to see what they had seen or experience what they had experienced. Few things could make Jack lose his sense of humour, but the Sesscar had managed it.

If the way Tom was looking down at Bill and avoiding looking at him was anything to go by, this was an uncomfortable subject and so he changed it.

"How about you?" he asked. "How's the leg?"

He knew from Owen it had only been a flesh wound, but he also knew those could hurt like a bitch sometimes.

"Dad's miracle pain killers mean I can’t feel a thing," Tom said, sounding a little lighter now the topic of conversation had moved on.

"Ah, so you're just left with a scar to impress the ladies then," he commented with a smile. "You know I have no idea why scars impress women; it never seems to work on guys; that just leads to a who has the biggest competition."

That actually earned him a small grin from Tom, which rather pleased him.

"Chicks dig macho stuff even when they say they don't," Tom said and then looked down at Bill, "of course they seem to like the sensitive type too or Bill would never have got a girl in his entire life."

"There is no explaining women," Jack agreed with a nod, watching the way Tom gently moved a stray hair off Bill's face.

After what he had seen of both Tom's and Bill's abilities he knew there was the potential that the twins could be incredibly dangerous to those around them, but it was moments like the one he was witnessing that put pay to most of his fears. Woe betide anyone who tried to hurt either of them, but protecting your family and loved ones was the right of any being. He had debated the danger of just letting them get on with their lives, but it hadn't taken him very long to realise nothing else would work.

"Well I just wanted to check on you," he said, realising that he had what he had come for and Tom probably need to sleep as well. "If either of you or both of you want to talk, you know where to find me. Just so you know; I've been where both of you are now, as good as at least."

Tom gaze was very serious then and he felt like he was being scrutinised. He stood there and took the weight of that gaze.

"Thanks," Tom said and nodded.

Jack took one last look and then turned to leave; it was only at the door he looked back.

"Oh, and Tom," he said, grinning as he thought of his exit line; "if you need any advice, I know exactly how that little nub of yours works."

The quiet laugh he heard as he exited the room warmed his heart and he was very glad; anyone who could laugh was on the mend.


Bill had decided to go for a walk on his own around the hub. Being away from Tom frightened him, but he was determined that it was not going to become a problem. It had been nearly two days since the Sesscar had taken him, and Tom, Jack and his dad had come to get him and they were moving back to the hotel in the morning and he wanted to feel at least a little normal before then. Tom hadn't seemed exactly comfortable letting him go, but they were in agreement on this one and so he had gone one way and Tom had wandered off in another.

The good thing about the hub, however, was that the well used bits weren't very big, which meant he wasn't too far from Tom. It had only been about ten minutes, but he was already beginning to feel agitated and ready to give up. If he hadn't been quite so stubborn, he would have gone to find Tom five minutes before.

He wasn't an idiot and he had noticed that Gustav wasn't very far away, which probably meant that Georg was keeping an eye on Tom, but he didn't want to fall back on his friends quite so soon. It was the evening and he had seen Tosh, Gwen and Owen leave and he wouldn't have minded having a chat with Ianto, but he had no idea where his new friend was. Wandering around looking for Ianto, he had spotted that Jack's door was open so had decided to head that way instead.

His nose twitched as he neared Jack's office, something he had become used to near Jack since first meeting the man. He had no idea what it was about Jack, but Tom had succinctly put it as 'sex walking' and Bill had had to agree. His dad had explained that it was probably his genetic sensitivity pointing out that Jack was a prime specimen and it was just coming out as noticeable in a sense he was used to.

The fact that he was noticing another man at all was what he found the most odd, especially since he was perfectly happy with Tom and had never been the most sexual person on the planet in the first place. It was all weird, but then, from the moment he had fallen over in a Cardiff square, his life had been nothing but weird, so he was getting used to it.

Jack had proved himself chatty and approachable, so he didn't think the older man would mind helping calm his nerves. Jack had said that his door was always open, so taking advantage of that seemed like a good idea. When he stepped into the doorway, however, he discovered why he hadn't been able to find Ianto.

He was almost used to his sex drive being about a hundred times higher than normal; he'd actually found himself admiring Georg's arse at one point, so he wasn't shocked by how he reacted, but that didn't stop all the blood rushing out of his brain to other parts of his anatomy. Ianto was straddling Jack's chair while Jack was still in it and the pair were more than lip locked. Jack's shirt was half off and Ianto's normally pristine appearance was definitely messed up around the edges. It was quite honestly hot and Bill's libido fired on all cylinders, causing him to just freeze where he was.

Turning around and walking away would have been the polite thing to do, but politeness really didn't come into it round about then. He had known Ianto and Jack were an item as soon as he'd seen them interacting, but to actually witness the pair together was rather breathtaking. Jack really was pure, fiery sex and Ianto was the oxygen fanning the flames and Bill just stood there basking in the heat.

It was Jack who finally noticed him and the gaze that caught him did nothing to make the blood flow back to his brain. A little voice at the back of his head told him to apologise and leave, but making his body listen was just about impossible. There was a challenge and a come on in Jack's eyes and Bill was completely caught. Ianto broke the moment by taking Jack's chin and making the man look back the other way; Bill hadn't even noticed that Ianto had seen him until that moment.

"Leave him alone, Jack," Ianto said firmly, "can't you see the poor lad's at the mercy of his hormones."

That snapped the spell Bill seemed to be under and he began to realise what he was doing. He felt his face heating up and he was sure he was beet red.

"Um ... sorry ... um," he mumbled and then went to turn.

"Did you need something, Bill?" Jack's tone was amused, but not derogatory or anything like that and Bill froze again.

Over the last two days he had spoken to Jack quite a bit and Ianto as well and so just running away seemed rude.

"No," he said, doing his best to look at them, even though he was incredibly embarrassed, "I was just wandering, sorry to have interrupted."

"No Tom?" Jack asked, still holding Ianto close to him as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"We're trying to be apart for a bit," Bill found himself admitting even as he tried to figure out why Jack hadn't thrown him out yet; it was clear the pair weren't exactly stopping what they were doing. "I saw your door open ..."

"Ah yes," Jack replied with a grin, "sorry about that ... usually it's just me and Ianto so we don't bother with doors. My fault, sorry about that."

Bill couldn't help a little embarrassed laugh; he was the interloper and Jack was apologising to him. If his hormones hadn't been screaming quite so loudly he probably would have known what to do, but he was more than a little flustered. He and Tom hadn't had the energy for more a little enthusiastic groping since he had been rescued and he was discovering that a teenage libido had nothing on Neranian biology when just out of the cocoon. His brain was dragging him in one direction and his cock in the other and the rest of him was stuck in between.

"Oh fuck it," he said to himself a little more loudly than he had intended, "get a grip."

He stamped his foot and finally made himself turn.

"You two need to have sex."

He was not expecting a pearl of wisdom from Jack to stop him in his tracks again.

"Pardon?" he asked, turning back before he could stop himself.

Jack gave him a small smile and it was sympathetic rather than amused.

"You and Tom need to have full on sex," Jack re-emphasised his point. "There are certain hormonal changes that only occur for Neranians during intercourse. If you and Tom have sex you should find your hormones settle down."

Bill wasn't sure whether to die of embarrassment or just take the advice; he did remember his dad saying something along the same lines at one point. There was, however, one big problem with the plan.

"Not sure how," he admitted before his mortification cut off his voice.

For some reason sex and Jack seemed to live in the same place in his head so it wasn't quite as strange a conversation as it could have been. He had only been interested in guys for a couple of days and gay sex hadn’t been high on his list of things to learn about before, so he was only mostly wanting to fall through the floor and disappear. The mechanics of guys with guys was obvious, but the details were a little more difficult to come by.

He almost tried to leave again when Ianto leant down and whispered something in Jack's ear, but the way Jack's eyes moved over him as Ianto spoke kept him in place. When Ianto had finished speaking, Jack looked up into the other man's eyes as if assessing something and then Jack grinned, which made Bill kind of nervous.

"Billi," Jack said, turning to look at him, "I think we have a proposition for you."

Bill listened, and the more Jack spoke the less blood there seemed to be available for thinking in his brain, but he did manage to pull out his phone and demand that Tom come to Jack's office. Tom definitely had to be in on this conversation as well.

End of Part 7
On to Part 8
Tags: category: slash, category: threesome/moresome, ch_story: more things in this world, fandom: tokio hotel, fandom: torchwood, fictype: 30kwds up, fictype: chaptered, genre: creature fic, pairing: th - bill/tom, pairing: threesome/moresome, pairing: tw - jack/ianto, pairing: xo - bill/tom/jack/ianto, rating: r to nc17

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