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Fic: More Things In This World..., Tokio Hotel RPS/Torchwood, Bill/Tom, Jack/Ianto, NC17/18, 05/08

Title: More Things In This World... 05/08
Fandom: Torchwood/Tokio Hotel RPS
Pairing: Bill/Tom, Jack/Ianto, Bill/Tom/Jack/Ianto
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.Torchwood characters and situations were created and are owned by RusselT. Davis and the BBC. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: twincest, alien sex
Summary: Promoting the band means travelling all over the UK and Tokio Hotel have ended up in Cardiff for a TV interview and some signings. Thanks to the effects of a rogue alien device they run into Torchwood.
Author's Notes: This fic comes from my seemingly deep psychological need to do all sorts of bizarre things to Bill, and sometimes to Tom too. It has warring aliens, cocoons, torture and sexy boy love, I do hope you enjoy reading it :). Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Link: Chapter Listing

Chapter 5 Truth

"Bill," Tom called out and pulled both legs under him even though it hurt like hell.

He could feel blood running down his right leg and it was as if someone had rammed a knife into his thigh, but there was nothing that was going to stop him getting to Bill. His twin was lying face down on the floor and wasn't so much as moving. Part of him wanted to stay with his dad, but most of him was panicking about Bill and he half ran, half limped as fast as he could to where Bill was sprawled.

"Bill," he yelled, as if shouting it would make Bill react, but his twin didn't shift.

He fell to his knees beside Bill and pulled his brother into his lap. He was hoping for a sign, a moan or a blink, but Bill remained completely unresponsive in his arms. It was a very long couple of seconds before he managed to identify any signs of life from Bill at all and it was undoubtedly the worst moment of his life.

Cradling Bill in his arms, he cupped his twin's face and looked for anything that would tell him Bill was okay. He had just seen his father nearly killed and Bill do something that was straight out of a movie and now Bill wasn't responding at all and he wanted to panic and demand someone fix the universe and put it back to when things made sense.

"Bill," he said, just as urgently, but more quietly this time.

His whole focus was on Bill, looking for the tiniest indication that he had been heard. He needed a sign from Bill or he felt like he was going to go mad and he was so occupied that when a hand landed on his shoulder he almost jumped out of his skin. He glanced up to find Jack looking at him very seriously.

"Let me have him," Jack said, meeting his eyes completely with a calm confidence that helped hold back the edges of panic in him.

He had always looked after Bill, never letting anyone else take care of his twin before he did, but, when Jack moved to take Bill, he let him. There was something about the expression deep in Jack's eyes that made it okay and, although he kept hold of Bill's hand, somehow it was okay to let Jack take charge.

"Owen," Jack said as the older man arranged Bill on his lap.

Tom was kind of shell shocked as he watched Owen give Bill a very quick examination and he barely registered when his father knelt down beside him.

"His pulse is strong, but very slow," Owen said after a few moments; "I can't see any obvious injuries."

"His metabolism was only just recovering from the cocoon," Tom heard his father say; "expending that amount of energy will have pushed him into shock."

The panic began to rise again and, as if Jack could read his mind, the older man looked at him again. There were no hollow words of reassurance, just calm, clear support.

"I'll get my bag," Owen said and stood up; "we need to wake him up."

Bill's hand was cold in his and it was as if he could feel the slow ebb of life in his twin. He had never been the religious type, but he was praying then.

"Come on, Bill," Jack said, patting the side of Bill's face gently, "you don't want your dad and brother to worry, so how about you open your eyes."

For some reason Tom actually took comfort in the way Jack was speaking and it was only when Owen reappeared, syringe in hand, that he realised Jack had been doing a good job of distraction. Owen had lifted Bill's arm and injected his twin with something before he really recognised what was going on.

"He should start reacting in a couple of seconds," Owen said when Tom found himself glaring at the man for daring to do something to his twin.

It was irrational, but it seemed to help keep him from losing it completely.

When he felt Bill's fingers flex just slightly in his own, he forgot everything else and looked down.

"Atta boy," Jack said and Tom saw Bill's features move just a little, "time to wake up, Bill."

All Tom could do was hang on to Bill's hand and watch, but with every breath Bill took and every tiny move his twin made, his panic was receding. He wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry as Bill began to come back.


Bill heard someone moaning.

"Yeah, that's it," he heard another voice say, "come on, Bill, back you come."

There was some more moaning, which was annoying, and it was quite a shock when his brain turned on enough for him to realise he was the one making the noise. The shock was short lived, however, when the most blinding headache wiped it away; then his consciousness caught up with what his body already knew and was moaning about.

"Bill, can you hear me?"

It was badly accented German and it sounded like Owen.

"If you can, open your eyes."

He did his best, he really did, but the momentary flash of light carved a path of destruction straight to the centre of his brain and he really just wanted to give up and let go.

"No you don't."

Something that smelt truly disgusting was shoved under his nose and he tried to move away.

"Open your eyes."

This time it was a command and his brain was far too fuzzy to let him just ignore it. Letting in the light really, really hurt as his head pounded and his optic nerves screamed at him, but he managed it for a few seconds.

"Good boy," Owen said, this time in English, but Bill managed to grasp the patronising phrase.

If there was one thing he really hated, it was being talked down to and that managed to spur him on to opening his eyes again, for a little longer this time. He tried to point out that he was no one's 'Good boy', but all he managed was a mumble.

"Keep it up," that was Jack's voice, in perfect German this time, "you're almost there, kid."

Somehow, when Jack referred to him like that it didn't seem so bad.

"Is he okay?" Tom's voice brought him back a little more.

Owen said something rapidly in English that he couldn't understand.

"His system is still in shock," it seemed Jack was translating, "but he's coming back. Now will you let Owen look after that leg?"

It was at that point that Bill remembered something about why he had passed out and he managed to open his eyes enough to actually see something.

"Tom," he said, well at least tried to say as he forced his mixed up senses to come into line.

He was being held in a sitting position with someone behind him and several people gathered around in front of him. He needed to know Tom was okay and just a voice wasn't enough, but his body seemed to be slightly misconnected to his brain at that moment and his attempts to find Tom were very clumsy.

When arms wound round him and the familiar scent that his brain knew was Tom filled his nose, he was so relieved he was almost ready to cry. Tom seemed to be clinging to him as firmly as he was clinging to his twin and it made him feel better in so many ways. He really didn't care what else was happening or why exactly he was lying on the floor, all he was interested in was the fact that Tom was there and seemed to be okay.

It was quite a long time before he even considered loosening his hold on Tom, but finally reality did start to make itself known. He realised he was leaning into Tom's chest with his arms around his twin's waist and Tom was holding him. Someone else had a hand on his back and he remembered there had been many other people around him. Still reluctant to let Tom go, but knowing that he couldn't stay this way forever, he opened his eyes and tried to get his bearings.

The first thing he saw other than Tom's shoulder was his father, looking at him with relief and concern in his gaze. His thoughts began to tumble over themselves then and everything that had happened returned to his head at the same time. It was confusing to say the least and shocking and he didn't know what to do.

Tom helped him as he reached for his father's hand; it seemed he needed to confirm everything he saw with his eyes with touch at the moment.

"They shot you," he said, looking at his dad and not really understanding.

"I have a body shield," his father said, clearly understanding his confusion; "it can absorb one blast."

A thousand questions as to why his dad would have such a thing tried to form in his head, but he was feeling too woozy, so all he could do was accept it. He really hoped that things would start making sense again soon. Moving again he pressed against Tom, at which point he heard a small grunt of pain. He was about to try and figure that out when the option was taken out of his hands.

"Okay, that's it," Jack sounded very calm, controlled and not in the least bit cheerful, which made Bill take notice; "Tom, Owen is going to look at that leg. Gwen, you and Ianto take Bill somewhere more comfortable."

"He mustn't sleep," Owen said before that could go any further.

"Boardroom then," Jack decided quickly. "Jorg, you and me are going to have a little talk and when everyone is in one piece we’re all going to have a discussion to figure out what the hell is going."

No one even tried to argue with Jack.


There were four empty cans of Red Bull sitting in front of him and he still felt like he was half asleep. Not that anyone would let him drop off, which was incredibly annoying, because a nice nap was just what he felt like. He had been assured that everyone was okay, but he had yet to see his father and Tom was off being seen to by Owen while he was sitting in the board room being watched like a hawk by Gwen. What they thought would happen if he went to sleep he had no idea, but everyone assured him it would be a bad idea.

"There is no choice," he heard his father's voice and looked over to where everyone appeared to be arriving, "I have to take the boys and leave."

"Your ship is in Germany," Jack pointed out, clearly unhappy with the idea, which at least put Torchwood's leader in agreement with Bill, "and if you use your teleport device, which, by the way, is illegal, they'll find you straight away."

Bill knew his brain was working a little slowly, but he knew for a fact he had not been in on any conversation about leaving and he really didn't fancy it. He had a nasty suspicion that "leaving" in this case did not mean a quick hop across the Atlantic for a holiday until things died down.

"I'm not leaving," he said once he managed to kick his brain into gear.

"Neither am I," when Tom appeared, limping, but otherwise whole and agreed with him at the same time, Bill felt much better.

He felt much better in general when Tom came and sat down beside him. There was a large blood stain on Tom's jeans and a pretty large hole in the material as well through which Bill could see bandages, but Tom gave him a reassuring look before he could launch into a thousand questions.

"We have to leave," their father insisted; "the Sesscar will not stop until we are dead or gone."

"But Bill kicked their arses," Georg pointed out.

"Which I should never have let happen."

Bill didn't really understand, but his father looked very pained by that thought.

"Why?" he asked; the whole situation just wasn't making sense.

"Good question," Jack agreed; "everyone take a seat, we're going to get a full explanation before we decide on anything."

His father looked defeated at that, but Bill was pleased when his dad actually sat down.

"What's going on, Jorg?" Jack asked in a no nonsense tone.

Bill noticed that the conversation was in German, but Ianto had taken up a position at a terminal and was typing it in and the computer was translating it for the other members of Torchwood on the fly.

"The Sesscar and the Neranians have been at war for eight hundred years," Bill listened to his dad's explanation; "since before the Sesscar were truly space going. They had short range craft and our peoples were in dispute about one of the planets in their solar system that we colonised before they left their homeworld."

"But I thought Neranians were pacifists," Tom sounded confused.

"We are," their father said with a nod, "it was the war with the Sesscar that made us that way. They are a warrior people and so were we. Our home planet was once a very hostile environment and as such we developed certain defences. In battle we used to use bladed weapons and ourselves."

"So you can do what I did too?" Bill asked, since it was kind of bothering him.

He was disappointed when his father shook his head.

"We evolved," was the reply that made him feel very off balance, "or rather we realised we were beginning to. We were in the middle of a bloody war and we were about to commit genocide and as a race we came to our senses. We stopped the fighting, we withdrew and we concentrated on setting up impenetrable defences around our home planet. Some of our people were being born without the ability to use their own energy and at first they were viewed as handicapped, but it was finally realised that they were gentler as well. Our scientists researched the phenomenon and used genetic engineering to breed out the aggression within two generations. We declared unilateral peace and set our energies to building and exploring rather than fighting."

"You engineered out the warrior instinct in your whole race?" Jack sounded incredulous.

Bill didn't know what to think as his father nodded.

"We realised we were about to destroy something which could never be rebuilt," his dad said, "and we decided en masse that we could not let that happen. Unfortunately we did not take into consideration the Sesscar's reaction. They believed we ran away because we are cowards and when they developed long range craft they came after us. By then our home planet was impenetrable; no weapon can be taken there and our people just watched them as they tried to attack us. They went after our people on other planets and we just ran, which made them believe they were right about us. They hate us for that and every diplomatic solution we have tried has been thrown in our faces. So they have made it their business to hunt us across the universe. If they find us, we run."

"And you neglected to mention them before, because?" Jack did not sound happy at all.

"I had no reason to suspect this had anything to do with them," his father said, face white as a sheet and clearly regretting not having said something earlier. "The device you found is not Sesscar design; they have never been known to use meyon technology; and their approach this time does not fit any modus operandi I have ever heard of for them. I considered it, but it seemed so ridiculously remote that I dismissed it. Most Neranian technology is designed to hide us from the Sesscar; it seemed impossible to me that this could be anything to do with them."

"And yet they found you here anyway?" Jack said; clearly not overly impressed.

His dad shook his head and Bill finally put the pieces together.

"They found us," he said quietly.

"As I said, I have defences," his father said, seemingly very apologetic, "we have had a long time to learn to hide and I thought by suppressing their Neranian heritage the boys would be safe. I must have been wrong. I've never heard of the Sesscar using meyon particles before, but they must have detected something and set off the device to find out more. They probably think Bill and Tom are explorers like me, just hiding on this planet."

"But if the warrior part was bred out of the race," Tom voiced what was bothering Bill as well, "how come Bill could do those things and what the hell did I do?"

Looking at the faces around the table everyone else wanted to know the answer to that question too.

"Hybrids," Jack said as if that explained everything.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Bill asked as his father just nodded.

"The human race is not pacifist," Jack took over, "at a fundamental level we're vicious bastards and we rely on our higher brains to stop us and trust me, I've seen it, we're going to be that way until the end of the universe."

Bill didn't even try to figure that one out.

"You two are a combination of Neranian and human," Jack continued, "and it seems the human part has bred back in what they bred out."

"And more," their dad said quietly.

Bill looked at his father rather sharply.

"What Bill did was far more spectacular than our last generation of warriors was capable of," his dad said, "and I've never seen what Tom did before. I believe it is a matter of the sum of two parts being greater than either whole."

Banging his head against the desk and hoping the last few days were a dream felt like a really good idea to Bill.

"Then why leave?" Tom asked, obviously thinking far more clearly than him. "If we fight they might give up."

"They won't give up until they’re dead or we're dead," their father said, "and then their last act will be to call for reinforcements. We have to run."

"Where to?" Tom asked.

"Home," their dad said simply, "that's where we always run. In a few years we could come back, once they've given up."

"We are home," Bill said as the whole idea made him go cold.

Simply up and leaving wasn't just frightening, it felt down right wrong.

"They will not stop," his father tried to insist.

"Then we'll fight them," Bill said with a vehemence that even surprised him. "A bunch of armoured lunatics is not making me run away from my friends, my family and everything I've been working for my whole life."

He looked at Tom and his twin just nodded; they were in agreement.

"We'll figure something out," Jack said firmly and then began speaking in rapid English to his team.

Bill really wasn't paying attention, since he had his eyes locked with his father; he knew they would never agree about this.


"Bill, no napping," Gustav said and waved a cup of coffee under his nose.

Bill glared at his friend, but took the coffee anyway.

"How could one little nap hurt anything?" he asked, more than a little petulantly.

Gustav stood there with his hands on his hips and sighed.

"Your system is depressed," his friend began in a bored, heard it all before tone; "and if you sleep there is a slight possibility you will go into shock again. You have to stay awake until your body has had a chance to recover."

It was the fourth time Gustav had repeated the same thing for him and he didn't like it any more this time than before. He felt fine apart from being dog tired, well, and the dull headache, and the stubborn, utterly irrational part of him was sure that forty winks wouldn't do him any harm at all. There was a point he could push himself to and be fine, but after that if he was over tired he became grumpy and unsociable, and he was very much past that point now.

"Want to play chess or cards?" Gustav offered.

Bill just about managed to not growl back. He wasn't sure how Gustav had drawn the short straw of baby sitting him while everyone else talked about what the hell they were going to do about the Sesscar, but it had to be a shit job. Even he could see that in his current state. His father had decided that he had had enough stress for one day and that he needed to rest and Tom had ganged up against him as well, so he hadn't had much choice. Hence everyone else was off planning things and he was stuck being tired and moody with Gustav while not being allowed to sleep.

"I could get your laptop for you," Gustav suggested in a patient tone.

Acting like a five year old wasn't exactly fair, but it was making Bill feel a little better and he shook his head sulkily. What he wanted to do was sleep or be in on what everyone else was doing and if he couldn't do either of those he was going to be a complete bitch about it. He sipped his coffee and glared at the room in general in a very annoyed manner.

"Did it hurt?" Gustav's question caught him off guard when it came a minute or so later.

His friend had sat down next to him and he turned so they were looking at each other.

"Did what hurt?" he asked, brain very slow and unhelpful in letting him figure out what Gustav was on about.

"The whole Emperor Palpatine routine," Gustav replied and did a weird hand action that Bill could only guess was meant to be a recreation of what he had done earlier.

Gustav was usually the one who observed rather than coming right out and asking things straight away, so Bill was a little surprised by the direct question.

"No," he said as he thought about it; "not really. Well I don't think it did. It was kind of irrelevant at the time."

It was really difficult to explain.

"So you don't remember?" Gustav asked.

Bill shook his head; he remembered it very clearly.

"It's not that," he tried to explain; "I remember doing it, but it was like I wasn't paying attention to how I was doing it or what it felt like, only that I was actually doing it."

It sounded really strange when he tried to explain it out loud.

"Sounds like a natural defence mechanism," Gustav said with a nod, much to Bill's surprise.

The fact that his friend didn't think he was completely losing it was a little comforting.

"How so?" he asked, not being awake enough to figure it out on his own.

"Well you threw what looked like pure energy," Gustav said in what Bill thought was an incredibly patient manner; "that has to hurt even if it didn't damage you. It sounds like your mind knows how to protect you from it."

He hadn't really thought of it that way, but it kind of made sense.

"Wonder if I can do what Tom did as well," he mused, more to himself than Gustav.

"Don't try," his friend said almost instantly in a rather worried tone.

Bill looked up from where he had been staring at his coffee mug and for a brief instant considered playing it up, but he'd seen a worried Gustav and it wasn't pretty.

"I'm not that stupid," he said, going back to being petulant instead, "even when I'm half asleep."

"What about the time you nearly walked out of your hotel room in only your boxers?" Gustav countered.

Bill narrowed his eyes; that incident was in the never to be spoken of again category. They had been through a few very hard days and he had been completely exhausted and when he'd woken up he'd totally forgotten he was in a hotel. Luckily for him, Tom had been sharing the room at the time and stopped him wandering out into the hallway looking for the bathroom that would have been there had he been at home.

"What did you say?" he asked in a very dangerous tone; his mood was moving from petulant to black.

Gustav looked panicked for all of a millisecond.

"Me?" his friend said with a shrug. "Nothing, I honestly said absolutely nothing and will never say it again either."

It was almost good enough, but Bill really was in a foul mood and he needed a target. Gustav had just made himself one and mercy wasn't really in Bill's vocabulary just at that moment. The reason there were certain topics no one brought up around him was because he had a very good memory and he could recall far more details and far more embarrassing things than anyone else could. The never mention again category was more one of self preservation for the others than anything else.

He searched his mind for a suitable revenge and was about to speak when a familiar sound filled his head. It drove everything else away as he stared at Gustav, horrified.

"Run," was the only thing he could think of as he saw a Sesscar soldier shimmer into existence.

Gustav turned and tried to get between the soldier and him and was backhanded out of the way for his trouble. As he saw this, Bill felt the fear and adrenaline kick in, but he soon discovered it was far too late to do anything. What he had not seen was that two soldiers had infiltrated the hub at the same time and one was behind him. An arm snaked around him, some sort of mask was forced over his face and then it was all over. The moment he breathed in the first time, the world went hazy and surreal and on the second breath things began to go black.

End of Part 5
On to Part 6
Tags: category: slash, category: threesome/moresome, ch_story: more things in this world, fandom: tokio hotel, fandom: torchwood, fictype: 30kwds up, fictype: chaptered, genre: creature fic, pairing: th - bill/tom, pairing: threesome/moresome, pairing: tw - jack/ianto, pairing: xo - bill/tom/jack/ianto, rating: r to nc17

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