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Fic: More Things In This World..., Tokio Hotel RPS/Torchwood, Bill/Tom, Jack/Ianto, NC17/18, 03/08

Title: More Things In This World... 03/08
Fandom: Torchwood/Tokio Hotel RPS
Pairing: Bill/Tom, Jack/Ianto, Bill/Tom/Jack/Ianto
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.Torchwood characters and situations were created and are owned by RusselT. Davis and the BBC. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: twincest, alien sex
Summary: Promoting the band means travelling all over the UK and Tokio Hotel have ended up in Cardiff for a TV interview and some signings. Thanks to the effects of a rogue alien device they run into Torchwood.
Author's Notes: This fic comes from my seemingly deep psychological need to do all sorts of bizarre things to Bill, and sometimes to Tom too. It has warring aliens, cocoons, torture and sexy boy love, I do hope you enjoy reading it :). Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Link: Chapter Listing

Chapter 3 Twinterplay

No one at all chose to argue with Bill as he made sure everything was where it was supposed to be for Tom's shower and no one remotely suggested he shouldn't be the one helping Tom. This was a very good thing, because he was quite prepared to tear anyone to pieces who told him he wasn't allowed to be near Tom. Now Tom was awake, there was no way he was letting his twin out of his sight for a good few hours. He needed to reassure himself Tom really was okay.

He helped Tom into the shower and then, dumping his robe on the floor, followed. He simply couldn't bring himself to leave Tom's side and he turned on the shower, careful to make sure the temperature was comfortable. It wasn't as if they'd never seen each other naked before and Tom wasn't objecting, so Bill was pretty sure his twin wanted him close too.

"Can you see anything yet?" he asked, picking up the shower gel and passing it to Tom.

"Not a lot," Tom replied, glancing around as if try it out. "How long did it take you to get your sight back?"

"An hour or so," Bill replied, using his very working eyes to run over Tom as his twin began to use the shower gel, "it wasn't completely back to normal then, but as close as."

Tom's dreads were piled on the top of his head where Bill had very carefully tied them and he found himself watching the moisture run down his twin's neck. Tom had a very long, elegant neck and he caught himself admiring it with its new curving markings before he snapped himself out of it. It was really quite a weird feeling as he realised what he'd been doing and he put it down to raging hormones from alien puberty and tried to forget it.

"You wash your front, I'll do your back," he said, taking the shower gel after Tom finished pouring some out.

His twin just mumbled a reply and nodded, however, when his hands touched the back of Tom's shoulders his brother moaned and kind of melted into the tough.

"Oh god that feels good," Tom said as if he was giving his twin the most incredible massage, when all he was doing was rubbing the back of Tom's shoulders gently.

Bill didn't comment and just carried on what he was doing, since it felt strangely good to have his hands on Tom. He rubbed the shower gel into Tom's shoulders, then down his twin's back and Tom made appreciative noises all the way. By the time Bill reached his brother's arse, Tom seemed to have forgotten about washing himself and was just letting Bill do it.

Looking down at Tom's arse, he felt suddenly self conscious and skirted it, soaping Tom's hips instead. He felt kind of light headed as he tried to think straight and as he moved back up and slowly soaped Tom's arms it began to dawn on him that the sensations running through his body were not so innocent. The voice of reason at the back of his mind pointed out that he was getting hard, which was definitely not a usual reaction to his twin or another naked male for that matter.

He would have left there and then if it wasn't for the fact that Tom still couldn't see and the overwhelming need to help his twin was still very much in play. The noises Tom was making weren't helping and he almost asked Tom not to make them until he looked down and caught sight of the fact that Tom was hard as well.

That sent heat scorching through him and seemed to take away some of his reason at the same time. Before he realised what he was doing he stepped closer, not close enough for their bodies to touch, but close enough so he could reach round Tom. He was completely focused on Tom and, although he knew it wasn't a good idea, he began to soap Tom's front as he had done his twin's back. Tom didn't seem to mind in the slightest and made some more delicious noises.

Tom was thin, but there was wiry muscle over his slim frame and Bill found himself tracing over it with his fingers. When his hands ghosted over Tom's nipples Tom's moan went from appreciative to down right sexual and Tom leant back against him. It was far too late to do anything when Tom's arse bump his, by now, very healthy erection.

They both stilled in the suddenly awkward embrace and Bill felt Tom look down. The main thing was, even though part of him knew this was wrong, it felt so good and so right that he didn't want it to end. Before Tom could move away or say anything he ran one soapy hand down Tom's chest, over his twin's stomach and let his long fingers curl around Tom's hard cock. Tom relaxed back against him completely with a load groan, all resistance seemingly melting away.

The only person he had ever touched so intimately was himself, but his brain didn't seem to care and Tom wasn't complaining. He stroked Tom's cock slowly from tip to root, letting his fingers dance across his twin's balls as well and Tom just moaned some more. The way Tom was rubbing against him with small movements felt so incredibly good and, after a few moments of the wonderful sensations, he wanted more. As fast as he could, while still stroking Tom, he soaped his own cock, aligning himself with the crease of Tom's arse once he was done and rubbing against it. Now he had to moan as well and leant his face against Tom's neck.

He was in heaven; nothing mattered except the incredible feelings of arousal. It felt so right that at that moment he couldn't understand why they'd never tried this before. They fitted together so perfectly; it was like they were made for each other.

He played some more, his own arousal growing as they moved against each other and he almost needed to push Tom over the edge. Knowing what it had done to him he looped his spare arm around Tom's chest firmly and then he dipped the hand stroking Tom's cock further back. He knew the instant he found Tom's new addition by the way Tom lurched against him and gasped long and loud.

"Bill," Tom all but whined and he knew Tom wanted this as much as he did.

He braced Tom against him so that he could use one hand on Tom's cock and one hand on Tom's balls and the small, mysterious lump behind. Then he pushed himself flush to Tom's back so they were together, skin to skin all the way down and he stroked Tom's cock and glided a finger over the new organ at the same time. Tom's legs weren't really holding him up after that and Bill had all of his twin's weight. He could feel Tom trembling from head to foot and he knew it wouldn't be long.

It was little more than another two strokes and then Tom was bucking uncontrollably into his hand and moaning his name. The whole experience was so erotic that he didn't need anymore to push his own orgasm into being as Tom writhed against him. It was mind blowing, and wonderful and the most amazing moment of Bill's life ... until, that was, his higher brain began to switch back on and he realised what he had just done.


Gwen came out of the shower room as red as a cherry and Jack lifted an eyebrow at her.

"Get an eyeful?" he asked with a grin.

Gwen looked at him, opened her mouth, closed it again and then stared.

"Not exactly," she said, clearly embarrassed, "but I think those boys are closer than they're supposed to be."

Jack couldn't help grinning broadly again at the mental image that gave him.

"You pervert," Gwen said as if outraged, "they're brothers; they're not supposed to be doing anything like that no matter how pretty it might be."

"Oh contraire," Jack told her with a smirk, "they are Neranian twins, what they are doing is quite normal. I once met this pair on Solaris Ten, wow could they go."

"Jack!" Gwen looked scandalised.

Jack only laughed; he did so like to tease Gwen.

"Neranians are genetically sensitive," he decided to explain before Gwen died of righteous indignation overload; "they choose sexual partners by genetic compatibility. They don't have to be a breeding match to be attracted to another being, hence they are quite open about mixing and matching the sexes, but they do have to be a partial match. Family automatically have genetic incompatibility because having only a slight genetic difference registers as a no-no on a fundamental level, except when it comes to twins because they are genetically identical. Because two males or two females can't breed Neranian biology never closed the loop hole and being identical the biological compatibility is total. Under Neranian law twins are seen as the same entity when it comes to sex and breeding. They are literally irresistible to each other."

Gwen didn't seem to know how to react to that.

"So they're just following a genetic imperative?" she asked, still sounding a little outraged.

"Well that and teenage hormones," he said with a laugh, "they did just go through puberty after all."

He received an eye roll for that comment.

"You're still a pervert," Gwen said before walking off.

"I know," Jack replied with a laugh and then turned back to where he had just left Jorg.

The twins' father was sitting down having one of Ianto's special coffees when Jack walked in.

"Just me again," Jack said, walking in, "but I thought you might like the heads up; your boys are going to need the Neranian twin talk a little sooner than you might have expected."

Jorg looked shocked for a moment, but soon recovered.

"Oh," Jorg said clearly a little flustered, but not overly fussed, "I suppose I had better find them as soon as they're finished in the shower."

"Might be a plan," Jack said with a smile; "twenty first century humans have such narrow ideas."

He knew Neranians could be extremely sexually active after their puberty, but even he hadn’t expected Bill and Tom to move that fast. If they were that horny they might be interested in a little relief, which made him smile to himself even as he went back to what he had been doing.


Bill fell out of the shower breathing hard and trying to get his head round what he had just done. Tom was still recovering and he had literally just taken advantage of his brother and molested him. Yes it was obvious Tom had enjoyed it, but that didn't excuse what he had just done. If Tom hadn't been handicapped by the lack of sight he would have run from his twin in shame.

"Bill," Tom's voice called him back, "you didn't leave did you?"

"No," Bill said, but he could tell Tom wasn't comfortable with the situation either.

He turned and took Tom's arm, helping his brother out of the shower even though he wanted to be as far away as possible. He threw on a robe and then began to help Tom dry off. He couldn't abandon Tom, but he knew that what he had done was wrong, and so did Tom, and the fact that he was still incredibly attracted to his twin was beginning to freak him out. Picking up the other robe he helped Tom into it and tried to make himself think of anything else. A knock on the door actually made him jump.

"Boys, I'm coming in," he heard his father's voice and as the door opened he all but leaped away from Tom.

He couldn't let anyone know, especially not their dad.

"Ah, I see the guilt has set in," their father said and Bill could only look at his parent horrified.

They had been seen.

"It was my fault," he blurted out, since he couldn't bear the idea of Tom being blamed for this.

He was incredibly surprised when his father just smiled at him.

"No it wasn't," he dad said in a way that made Bill even more confused, "we need to have a little talk; you're just faster off the mark than I expected."

Bill realised he was edging back towards Tom without thinking about it and stopped himself; no matter what their dad was saying it couldn't be what he thought.

"Bill, go back to Tom, it must be killing you to stand over there," his father surprised him again, but he didn't move.

He was completely confused and since his instincts and his thoughts were in such conflict he had no idea what to do.

"Bill help Tom," his father said more firmly.

The world 'help' had him moving and he couldn't deny he felt a little better when Tom's hand was on his arm. His brain was in complete turmoil, but even with all the freakish things Tom was making him feel there was still comfort in that touch.

"What you’re both feeling is perfectly natural for you," their dad said with a sympathetic expression; "there's no need to be ashamed of it. I know you've both had 'the talk' a long time ago from the human angle, but now it's time for 'the talk' from a Neranian point of view. It's somewhat different."

Bill found himself moving closer to Tom despite himself, he had no idea what was coming next.


Looking at Bill, Tom couldn't blame his twin for being a little shell shocked; it seemed the Neranian idea of sex was a little different to human niceties. It did rather explain why their father had never been overly hung up about the subject, but the whole twin thing was a little much even for him. When the culture they had been brought up in was so adamant about certain things, the fact that their instincts and hormones were completely opposite was a little difficult to deal with.

His eyesight was almost back to normal as he watched Bill climb into some casual clothes and he felt a vague stirring in his loins just doing that. It was still a little odd; he had never even been attracted to a man before let alone his own brother, but he was hornier than he had ever been in his life.

"Are you just going to stare at my arse or are you going to get dressed?" Bill revealed he was paying more attention than Tom had thought.

"Hormonal stability," he countered, since that was one of the phrases their father had spent the last half an hour bandying around.

He was trying to lighten the mood, but everything was a little tense for that.

"Food," Bill countered, turning and giving a little smile that was so false Tom could see right through it even though his eyes weren't completely back to normal yet.

It was clear Bill was doing his best to adjust and Tom had to give his twin points for trying, but this was a little strange even for them. First they were part alien and then, to top that, they were hopelessly attracted to each other which, according to their father, was completely expected. It wasn't the easiest scenario to accept and it was clearly weighing on them both. Tom made a decision then and walked straight towards Bill, gathering his twin into a hug.

"We're okay," he said firmly, doing his best to sound supremely confident.

Bill was stiff in his arms for just a moment and then it was like Bill melted and he suddenly had all of Bill's weight on him. Bill's arms wound round him and clung to him and Bill face was buried in his shoulder and he realised with a start that his twin was shaking. He cursed the fact that his eyes weren't working properly because he had missed quite how close to breaking Bill was. Together they were far stronger than alone and they had come so very close to believing they had lost that.

He held on, determined to be the strength that Bill needed, because he knew Bill would be there for him when he needed it in return. Bill wasn't crying, but he knew his twin wasn't far off from it and he let himself play big brother, fighting down the attraction that was a little out of hand. This was all strange and so new and the only way they were getting through it was together.


His little episode, as he had labelled it in his head now, had made Bill feel much better, but he still wasn't really sure how to deal with everything. Hence he found himself sticking as close to Tom as possible even if he did feel a little silly doing it. He had learned to be the lead when it came to the band, but the whole situation had rather shaken him and he had fallen back into the role of when they had been small, that of following Tom around. The one thing that really kept him moving was pizza; he knew it was around somewhere, he could smell it and he was hungry again. According to their dad, Neranian adolescence took a lot of energy and being hungry was not unexpected.

When he saw all the people through the glass sides of the room they were heading to, he almost turned and ran. He wasn't sure he could deal with all the revelations and people at the same time. As if reading his mind, Tom simply grabbed his hand; not a gesture Tom was overly prone to and one that shocked him into moving forward. Everyone was in that room: David; Saki; Georg; Gustav; their dad and all the people from Torchwood and he had no idea what any of them knew or were thinking.

"Come in, guys," Jack opened, greeting them before they made it all the way; "there's yet more pizza."

Bill let Tom lead him into the room and he sat down when offered a chair, but he didn't do much else. Tom was still in first stage hunger, not yet having eaten anything since waking, and didn't seem to care about anything else now that there was food on offer, but Bill wasn't ravenous anymore, just slightly to the left of 'I could eat a horse' which meant he was thinking about other things as well. The moment Tom let go of his hand he felt isolated and he really didn't know what to do with himself.

"I'd get in while it's there," Georg said in a cheerful tone that belied the fact they were in a secret government base that dealt with aliens, "I've never seen anyone inhale pizza like Owen since you and Tom had that pizza eating contest in Frankfurt."

What he really wanted to do was tell everyone he wasn't hungry and disappear into a corner, but that would have been a bald face lie and everyone would have known it.

"Eat," his father said, handing him a paper plate with a large slice of pizza, "you're still about ten thousand calories away from what you need to have eaten today."

Bill took it, but wasn't sure it would fit past the lump in his throat. The shower incident had really shaken him, even more so than waking up, and he was feeling rather exposed. He was finally brave enough to glance around at everyone in the room, when he eventually met David's eye he wasn't sure what he was going to find. Discovering that two of your meal tickets were aliens had to have put a dent in the game plan. The concern he saw looking back at him rather made him sit up and take notice. He'd seen that look before, once in the early days when he'd been devastated about something a tabloid had decided to print about him and David had sat him down and made sure he was alright and again when he'd chosen to go on stage with a raging temperature so as not to disappoint the fans. It was then that it occurred to him that maybe he was underestimating his friends.

"We were just discussing where to go from here," Jack explained in what appeared to be the ever cheerful and cocky Jack way. "Dave, you okay with the old food poisoning story; we'll get you some falsified hospital records to help out?"

"Not a problem," David replied with a nod, "I'm meeting a couple of reporters at three. There was almost a riot yesterday when the band didn't show for the signing so some of the big papers are covering the story. With the way Bill reacted at the hotel no one is questioning it."

The fact that David seemed to be having no problem cooperating with a secret British intelligence unit was a bit of a shock to Bill and he absently took a bite of pizza as he tried to process it. It was almost as if they were discussing a normal day. He had had no idea what to expect from this point on, but this seemed too ordinary.

"The rest of you guys are going to be staying with us for a few days," Jack said with a smile, "just to make sure Bill and Tom here, are back to full speed. Wouldn't want you two jumping on each other in front of the cameras, even though that would make a very pretty front page."

Bill almost dropped his pizza as his face heated up and he stared as Jack all but leered at him. That wasn't quite how he'd expected the conversation to go.

"If you keep looking at my brother like that I might have to smack you," was Tom's comment between bites of pizza, which made Jack howl with laughter.

Tom raised his eyebrows and then went back to eating when Bill looked at him. Climbing under the table and refusing to come out was beginning to look like a great option as far as Bill was concerned. It seemed that everyone was privy to his irrational urges and it was hideously embarrassing; from almost blushing virgin to incest in one easy step.

"Even I know what he said," Gwen commented and Bill was pleased his brain seemed to be working well enough to process at least some English, "and I only speak two words of German."

"Sorry," Bill said, deciding that trying out his English was better than being embarrassed about his sudden sex life, "we're being rude."

Gwen gave him a stunning smile for that.

"No worries," she said, seemingly genuinely pleased, "more people in here speak German than English at the moment. I just happened to take French in school."

"I was always shit at languages at school," was the response from one of the two men he didn't recognise in the room.

"Me too," Bill admitted.

It was then that he noticed the Asian woman next to Gwen was watching him quite hard and when he turned to her she blushed and looked away. The man who had been speaking noticed as well and appeared to find it amusing. Bill couldn't help wondering why and it must have shown on his face.

"Tosh is a bit of a fan," Gwen said, also amused by the looks of things.

"A bit," the man responded, "did you see her wallpaper for the last month? She almost died when we entered that hotel room."

"Owen, stop being an arse," Gwen scolded.

Tosh was looking incredibly embarrassed, so Bill gave her a little smile when she finally looked at him again, which she seemed to appreciate.

"Okay," Jack took over again, this time in English and rattled off a whole load of things that Bill could only half understand.

It was something about finishing lunch and then doing something else that his father was involved in as well, but it was all a bit fast and complicated for Bill to figure out.

"How come you're just letting us go on as if nothing has happened?" he finally asked the question that was bothering him after everyone turned back to the food.

He had switched back to German because he really wanted to understand the answer.

"You're not trying to take over the planet or kill anyone, Nerania is a friendly power covered by interplanetary treaty, so other than a little paper work there's no reason to bother you," Jack said as if they were just talking about passports or something. "Technically your dad should have registered your birth, but given the lengths he went to, to try and make sure you were never bothered with any of this we can overlook that. As long as you don't decide to tell the world all about the whole thing we can leave the status quo."

That seemed far easier than some of the ideas the dark side of Bill's subconscious had been cooking up.

"If Bill told the world he was an alien, someone would just ask him what the fashions were like on Mars," Georg said with a laugh.

He would have thrown pizza at his friend for that comment, but he was too busy eating it so he glared instead.

"Screw you," he said in English, which seemed to amuse everyone.

End of Part 3
On to Part 4
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