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Tokio Hotel UK Street Team Lottery

The Street Team is hosting a Tokio Hotel Lottery! The following is taken directly from the Street Team MySpace, LJ and Facebook.

You could win one of our great signed Tokio Hotel fan packages just by being on the Street Team Myspace and leaving us a comment!

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A MYSPACE PROFILE TO ENTER THIS LOTTERY. If you do not have one, please go to and sign-up. Then ensure you add the Street Team:

How to win:
- Sign onto your MySpace account at 9pm (BST) on the announced days* (Begins 20th August!)
- Wait for a blog post announcing the winner's name
- If it's your MySpace profile posted, reply to that post within 5 mins showing that you are online and participating

How we choose the winner at random:
1) The boys from Tokio Hotel pick 3 random numbers
2) The first number refers to the Friends' List page from which a profile will be selected
3) The second number refers to the row on that page from which a profile will be selected
4) The third number refers to the position in that row of the profile (from left to right)
5) If that person is not online, the person to their right will be selected, and so on until an online profile is reached and that person is the winner
6) The winner's name will be posted on the blog. If the winner does not respond within 5 mins, this process will be repeated until someone leaves a comment!

We have two different fan package sizes to give away! A small one and a big one! To win the big one, all you need to do is have the Tokio Hotel RSG single banner on your profile. Find the code here if you do not yet have it on your page. Those without the banners on their page will win the small fan package.

The rules:
- Anyone from ANY country is eligible to win. All you have to do is ensure you are online at the correct time and comment if your name is posted.
- You can only win once during duration of the competition.
- If the winning profile is a group profile, the person that comments on behalf of that profile will be considered the winner.
- You must have the Street Team Myspace profile friended to be eligible to win.

* Lottery dates:

Monday 20th August
Thursday 23rd August
Monday 27th August
Thursday 30th August
Monday 3rd September
Thursday 6th September
Monday 10th September
Thursday 13th September
Monday 17th September
Thursday 20th September

(BST = British Summer Time. To check your time zone, please go here.)
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