Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Jumping ship ...

Okay, having just see a post from cursive I think it's about time I made it clear which way I will jump if LJ continues to go down the pan.

I think Insanejournal is the best way to go. The owner is fandom friendly and it seems to run better than either of the others (so far). GJ have a dubious reputation for deleting people, although I have to admit I have not see the actual evidence for this and I don't think JF will take the numbers and the +18 rule knocks off a lot of my flist. I also hate the user interface - it's limited. GJ's user interface is plain broken in places.

So if I do jump, that's the way I'll go - to Insanejournal. If you want to add me, here is a link to do so. So much so that I have a permanent account there.

At the moment I have an open friending policy - you friend me, I friend you, unless you are under 16 (sorry, but the occasional locked post really isn't what I'd want young teenagers to see). My fic is, as ever, unlocked.
Tags: info: lj backup

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