Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Call to WAR!

Okay this is too much of a coincidence. I know I only seem to be popping up to ask you to vote for TH, but I think this is important. Someone seems to be waging a campaign against TH online.

Someone keeps voting Bill down here:

and on MTVFlux TH have dropped from #8 to #59 in the chart in one day. They were at #1 for a long time so someone has to be voting them down.

The one at Vanity Fair doesn't really matter, its extra publicity, but the MTV Flux vote could affect how well they go down in the UK. Please go here:
and vote TH back to the top of the chart.

You can vote as many times as you like. We need to keep them at the top of the chart so they are played more and more on MTV Flux and more and more people hear them.

[Edit: Don't worry if you can see your votes counting on MTVFlux - it's not a real time chart. It updates once a day or so, which is why we didn't realise there was an vote down attack until it updated today.]
Tags: fandom: tokio hotel

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