Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I had a Tokio Hotel dream last night!

I had a Tokio Hotel dream last night and for the first time it wasn't boring :)

Bill and Tom were in it and they were turned into vampires along with all these other people at this hotel. All the people set out together in a sort of convoy because they needed to find somewhere to feed and they invaded this other hotel and Bill and Tom were causing havoc and biting people whenever they felt like it. They even talked about having sex so my subconscious was going in the right direction. Unfortunately they never had it so my dream's not quite there yet :).

I know where the vamps came from - we watched the second half of Salem's Lot last night before going to bed :). Must watch more vampire movies before going to bed - they make for interesting dreams ::g::.
Tags: fandom: tokio hotel, info: general

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