Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

So much for writing fic this weekend ...

First of all, Happy Easter to one and all, wishing you all the peace and love of the season. I think I may have consumed more chocolate than was wise ::g::.

Secondly - should have known four days off was too good to be true. As of Friday our "It would be nice to move to a bigger house" has become "Ooh, that one's nice, we should buy it" and hence we're having the valuers in next week and two bank holidays have gone for a burton in mad cleaning up. We have a dining room full of plastic boxes containing all the stuff we're going to store so that our house doesn't look like a pack rat's den (part of the reason we want a bigger house), and I think we're up to seven sacks of clothes for the charity shops ::g::. What with church and the traditional huge Easter lunch today this means I have had time to write exactly nothing *pout*.

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