Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Can't wait

dacro and the others are coming today, yay!

Spent last night making Shepherds pie for this evening's meal. Had to play with the recipe to make sure all friends could eat it, but was much fun. I think I may even prefer the new version to the old *thoughtful eyebrow raise*.

Had fun shopping in Sainsburys last night too - I'm amazed at how many things have gluten in them that you wouldn't think did; weird. Thank god for the "Free From" range is all I can say. Fridge and cupboard are now stuffed with stuff to eat :).

[Edit: *bangs head on table* just had a horrible thought and googled to check and I was right *pout*. Forgot to check one ingredient in the shepherds pie; the only one that was not from scratch: the oxo cubes. They have wheat flour in them. Ah well, shall just have to make another one when I get home with the beef only stock cubes I just bought. Stupid small print. Lukcily I made two sheps pies because I didn't have a big enough dish, so I will just freeze one for next week and the four of us who are fine with gluten will have the contaminated one.]
Tags: info: general

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