Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Next Plan in Tokio Hotel take over the world :)

Okay the Kerrang awards 2007 are coming up and since we want to raise Tokio Hotel's profile we're trying to at least get them nominated for Best International Newcomer.

The website is here:

The musicians with the most votes at this stage are nominated.

This is the note from Midori, the person who suggested the idea (Midori if you are reading this and you have an LJ name LMK and I'll link you in):

I don´t know if we can get enough votes together to get the guys actually nominated but even if not it would still show Kerrang! that there is a demand for the band if as many people as possible go and vote and maybe that will mean Tokio Hotel will get a feature in the magazine. So get voting please!

Like my dear sister I also voted for them for best album for Scream.

Please vote and let's get TH noticed in the UK.

P.S. Have you voted at today? :)
Tags: fandom: tokio hotel

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