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Tokio Hotel Rocks London :)

Okay, time to squeeee more :).

Had an absolutely fab time with everything to do with the gig. On Monday evening Soph and I headed up to temaris's place, because she kindly offered us a place to say for the night and she made lovely spag bol. We had a lovely evening with temaris and lost_house where we did our best to itro them to TH (they were coming to the concert and had not actually heard any of the music :)).

The next morning Tem went off to work and left Soph and I to get ourselves ready to head off to the venue. It took us about an hour longer than we expected to do hair and makeup and the like and then we were off. Thank god Soph was driving on that leg because I would have had a total epi. I'm not overly fond of driving - well that is to say I'm not overly fond of the other drivers on the roads, far too many of them are wankers, especially in London.

People had been queuing since Friday! We didn't even bother to queue when we got there - we went to the pub and then Boaders who were having a sale and had lots of anime for 5.99 a pop, so I might have spent a bit of money ;). The car park was literally under the venue, so we kept popping back to the car and dropping stuff off and picking it up.

We finally started to queue when the others turned up (it was so nice to finally meet all the people I've been speaking to on email and LJ for ages) at about 3 because we weren't sure what was happening with the meet and greet - it all hinged on a phone call from Poppy (who was lovely and fabulous and is a wonderful person). There was an absolutely lovely security guy working the queue who's name I didn't get, but he got me a chair which was wonderful. He was also very good with even the crazy fans. I don't think they quite knew what to do with 200 girls queuing for half a day, but they coped brilliantly :).

They filmed the queue for a TH vid and it was quite hillarious because there were the French and Greman fans in the queue screaming for the camera then there was us and we waved a bit then there was more screaming French and German fans (that's genrealising a bit) - but it amused me no end (British reserve :)). Claire had bought glow sticks and Soph and I bought some too (redunancy is just a way of life for engineers and developers :)) and the street team handed them out to the queue. I do believe they were very popular.

The phone call finally came and we were ushered inside with the lasses who won the picture competition. We had to wait in the corridor for a bit because they were still doing a rehearsal (everything was running a bit late) and we had a giggle talking to Poppy and another blonde young lady that seemed to be organising things. Then we were taken up to the mezanine area where there were comfy chairs and we waited a bit more. Then Saki came in and told us the boys were coming and I have no idea what he expected, but we were all very calm and normal when they arrived.

Wow are they gorgeous - I cannot stress this enough; and much smaller than I expected in all dimensions. Film and photos do make them look bigger. Resisted the urge to pull Bill's trousers up or Tom's down - am very proud of myself. If one of them has simple animal attraction it's Georg - I can honestly say I get no mothering instincts when looking at him; it's all carnal lust. Tom and Bill I feel the need to feed as well as the whole carnal lust thing, and Gustav I want to take home to meet my mum, because he's the sweetest guy you could ever meet (and of course there is the carnal lust as well - what? I said they were gorgeous).

They signed anything and everything and then they did photos and they really are very lovely, and I did not grope Tom's bum when standing next to him :). Not even though I really wanted to. I also resisted the urge to touch Bill's hair; it was almost impossible though.

Did I mention they were gorgeous?

Then we went back downstairs and they had set up a little area off to the side for those of us with bum ankles, knees and backs :). It was very good, because I know I would not have survived in the crowd - I had to sit down several times during the concert. I also might have had to kill some of the other fans with my crutch :). I have heard reports of kicking, hair pulling, head butting and all sorts of things, which is just beyond the pale.

I have no photos since I have no camera, but Soph has some and I shall link to them once she puts them up. I was in charge of the little vid that Soph's little digital camera does, but I have no idea how well it worked because I had no idea what to do really. I totally suck at these things :).

What is it with people and standing in front of those sitting down though - I had to move two people because I was sitting in my chair happily watching and they decided that directly in front of me was a great place to stand. 'Scuse me, but what am I, Scotch mist? Didn't have to employ the crutch to kill them though, although, by the end I was using it to stand up.

I may or may not have thrown underwear onto the stage (mens boxers with "Property of Tokio Hotel Street Team UK" on the front and "If found please return WITH CONTENTS to Street Team UK, P.O.Box XXXX, UK" and a large winking smilie on it :)). They were done up with red ribbon and everything.

The concert was magnificent - unlike Soph I could hear all the words and whoever said that TH are magnetic on stage is right. All four of them just demand attention and it's difficult to know where to look :). I spent one entire song gazing a Gusti as he got going with a really magnificent drum part, and when Tom and Georg were playing at each other I almost died, and as for Bill singing mostly to Tom - heart flutters all the way. I did see arse - Bill does have one; from my angle when he was doing some moves there was actual arse there; it's not a myth (and the way he wiggles it - oh my!).

I love Georg's new hairdo - the way it sprays across his face as he rocks to the beat rather reduces me to a puddle.

We were thinking of going out after the gig, but we decided to head home instead, but it had been a magnificent day. I doubt they'll ever play such an intimate venue in the UK again unless it's a special event so I feel priviledged to have been there. I am amazed how good their English was and I am determined to relearn German so I can hold a conversation if I am ever lucky enough to meet them ever again (what? I can dream can't I?). Learning German and Japanese at the same time could be entertaining if my brain get's confused, but oh well :).

Is it bad and wrong that I have an undeniable need to write twincest now? Don't look at me like that - there's just this ethereal thing the twins have going on that demands that I write them in compromising positions.
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