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Birthdays and stuff.

God I ache today - Soph, Rob and I climbed up the church tower yesterday. All I can say is "Ow!".

Lee won Any Dream Will Do - yay! I thought he was superb. Lewis was great and I'm sure he'll be on stage very soon doing something else; I think he'd be better in a supporting role to begin with and then move into being the lead, because he's almost there, just not quite. Keith has a superb voice and I'm sure is going to be huge too, but I didn't think he was as good a Lee.

Of course it wasn't obvious who they wanted to win was it? Elvis and Sinatra - could they have given Lee any bigger songs? Of course he had to pull them off, which he did superbly, but still, they weren't making it as plain as the noses on their faces were they? ;)

Now on the birthdays.
Happy Birthday to:
kimra_dattei and meninaiscrazy for today,
calanor and kitsune for tomorrow,
bogan for the 13th,
demonesskage for the 14th,
talaria_now for the 15th and
kissmyassterisk and ai_no_ame for the 16th
I hope you all have lovely days.

As ever if you don't think I have your birthday in my list and you would like me to add you, please comment and tell me when it is. *hugs*
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