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TH - Scream

Scream - International English version

For UK fans that are waiting for their copy of the International release of Scream, do not despair! We have been investigating for you and there has been a hold up getting stock to the retailers. This will all be resolved in the next 48 hours and then your albums will be on their way to you from whatever retailer you purchased from!

Remember, if you purchased from, the stock is coming from the US, so it will take a lot longer!

When you've received your copy of the album, why not write a review and recommend the album on amazon.

Scream - special UK English version

The Street Team can also announce some very special news for UK fans. On the 27th August 2007, a special UK English version of Scream will be released - with 2 new EXCLUSIVE bonus tracks and different artwork.

The first UK single release will be 'Ready, Set, Go' on the 20th August (and available for download the week before).

All information from the UK record company.

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