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MMOM My Master list 2007

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Merry Month of Masturbation
My Master List 2007

If you would like to keep up with my mmom posts, but don't wish to have to sift through my LJ then this is the post to put in memories :). I will update it every day with a link to the new fic. The fics are not listed in the order they will be posted since I'm not that organised this year, so the "Posted" col will give you an indication of whish fic was posted on which day. [Edit: All the names link to piccies incase you don't know who the participants are.] [Edit2: Pink BG means the fic has been posted to make them easier to spot :)]

[Edit 3: Just realised I never mentioned what fandoms are involved :). Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav make up Tokio Hotel, a four piece German rock band. Gackt, Hyde and You are Japanese rock artists. Hence all fic below is Real Person Slash (RPS).]

Total word count this year: 77,165 (I'm quite pleased with myself at that :)).

No Scenario Title/links POV Words Pairing Rating Posted
01 Bill solo Desperation Bill 1,276 none R 01-May-07
02 Georg solo - to posters of Bill meridian_star Idol Worship Georg 2,670 Georg/Bill NC17/18 02-May-07
04 Tom Bill off - calming him down Red Bull Tom 2,062 Bill/Tom NC17/18 04-May-07
05 Tom and Bill get Gustav off Heritage Gustav 2,436 Bill/T/Gustav NC17/18 05-May-07
06 Georg and Gustav get Bill off The Care and Keeping of Pets 3,691 Bill G/G/Bill NC17/18 06-May-07
08 All Four TH wank together - Bill makes a discovery Wonderful World of Porn Bill 2,630 none NC17/18 08-May-07
09 Georg watches (secretly) as Bill and Tom make out Concealed Georg 1,658 Bill/Tom NC17/18 09-May-07
11 Tom and Bill get Georg off Double Team Georg 3,415 Bill/T/Georg NC17/18 11-May-07
12 Gustav solo - shaving Steel Gustav 1,833 none NC17/18 12-May-07
13 Bill watches Tom with a girl and gets off on it (and realises he wants to be the girl) Natural Progression Bill 3,302 Bill/Tom NC17/18 13-May-07
14 Tom solo Stimulation Tom 1,901 none NC17/18 14-May-07
16 All four TH get each other off - sequel to Heritage Band Mates Gustav 5,503 Bill/T/G/G NC17/18 16-May-07
17 Georg solo Gravity Works Georg 1,990 none NC17/18 17-May-07
19 Georg gets Gustav off Compliance Georg 2,189 Georg/Gustav NC17/18 19-May-07
21 Request by
ladyminya how about we have Bill dressed in one of Tom's oversized shirts, fantasizing (secretly) about Tom while he's jerking off... and perhaps Tom might have stumbled in on him doing it but not really disturbed him per se, and just watches him instead. 21st
Stolen Bill 3,503 Bill/Tom NC17/18 21-May-07
22 Bill and Tom get each other off Is It The Hair? Tom 2,966 Bill/Tom NC17/18 22-May-07
23 Tom introduces Bill to toys Playtime Bill 2,874 Bill/Tom NC17/18 23-May-07
25 Tom has an intimate moment with his guitar on stage Good Vibrations Tom 1,012 Tom/Bill (one sided) R 25-May-07
26 Georg and Gustav get Tom off sort of :) The Evil's of Alcohol Tom 2,595 G/G/Tom R 26-May-07 (well should have been)
28 Gustav gets Georg off Talking Gustav 2,156 Georg/Gustav R 28-May-07 (should have been)
29 Georg + Bill + toys Cat With the Cream Bill 1,905 Georg/Bill NC17/18 29-May-07
31 Gustav uses toys on Bill and Tom - Gustav has a drumstick kink Drumsticks Gustav 4.036 Gustav/Tom/Bill NC17/18 31-May-07
03 Vamp!Gackt and Hyde - bloodplay
In The Blood Hyde 1,462 Gackt/Hyde, Gackt/You R 03-May-07
07 Gackt/Hyde - werewolves The Beast Hyde 5,664 Gackt/Hyde R 07-May-07
10 Gackt gets Hyde off - back stage at a gig Backstage Hyde 2,303 Gackt/Hyde R 10-May-07
15 Gackt uses toys on Hyde - lost bet, wearing butt plug Delightful Torture Hyde 1,868 Gackt/Hyde NC17/18 15-May-07
18 Gackt solo The Purity of Perfection Gackt 1,215 Gackt/Hyde R/15 18-May-07
20 Hyde solo On Three Hyde 1,967 Gackt/Hyde NC17/18 20-May-07
24 Hyde gets Gackt off - why does Gackt let Hyde in his car? Wouldn't you like to take me home? Gackt 1,619 Gackt/Hyde NC17/18 24-May-07
27 Gackt ties up Hyde and makes him watch as he plays Frustration Hyde 2,236 Gackt/Hyde NC17/18 27-May-07 (should have been)
30 Hyde uses toys on Gackt Tension Gackt 2,228 Gackt/Hyde NC17/18 30-May-07
Tags: category: threesome/moresome, fandom: jrock, fandom: tokio hotel, ficfest: mmom, fictype: oneshot, info: jfic stuff, pairing: gackt/hyde, person: gackt, person: hyde, rating: r to nc17, type: mmom fic listing

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