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meridian_star did this and I'm feeling sheep like, so here goes :).
This is my progress so far - ones in salmon pink are done, ones in yellow are started, ones in grey are planned and the white ones are still completely in the air. I don't know what order I'll post in yet, they are just in the order I happened to put them into the spreadsheet ::g::.

If there is anything any of you would like to see with the given scenario for the fics in white, I'm open to prompts since I have no clue what those fics are remotely going to be about yet :). AU is fine.

Scenario Title POV Words Pairing
Bill solo Desperation Bill 1,276 none
Gustav solo - shaving Steel Gustav 214 none
Georg solo   Georg    
Tom solo   Tom    
Gackt solo   Gackt    
Hyde solo   Hyde    
Tom gets Bill off - calming him down Red Bull Tom 2,062 Bill/Tom
Bill gets Tom off Twin Time   1,427 Bill/Tom
Georg gets Gustav off Compliance Georg 311 Georg/Gustav
Gustav gets Georg off       Georg/Gustav
Tom and Bill get Georg off Double Team Georg 343 B/T/Georg
Tom and Bill get Gustav off       B/T/Gustav
Georg and Gustav get Bill off       G/G/Bill
Georg and Gustav get Tom off       G/G/Tom
Gackt gets Hyde off - back stage at a gig       Gackt/Hyde
Hyde gets Gackt off - why does Gackt let Hyde in his car?       Gackt/Hyde
Gackt uses toys on Hyde - lost bet, butt plug   Hyde   Gackt/Hyde
Hyde uses toys on Gackt       Gackt/Hyde
Tom introduces Bill to toys Playtime   96 Bill/Tom
Gustav uses toys on Bill and Tom - Gustav has a drumstick kink Drumsticks Gustav 564 Gustav/Tom/Bill
Request by ladyminya "how about we have Bill dressed in one of Tom's oversized shirts, fantasizing (secretly) about Tom while he's jerking off... and perhaps Tom might have stumbled in on him doing it but not really disturbed him per se, and just watches him instead." 21st Stolen Bill 1,268 Bill/Tom
All Four TH wank together - Bill makes a discovery Wonderful World of Porn Bill 1,893 none
All four TH get each other off Band Mates     B/T/G/G
Gackt ties up Hyde and makes him watch as he plays Frustration Hyde   Gackt/Hyde
Tom has an intimate moment with his guitar on stage Good Vibrations Tom 56 none
Bill watches Tom with a girl and gets off on it (and realises he wants to be the girl Bad Girl Bill 696 Bill/Tom
Vamp!Gackt and Hyde - bloodplay lirren       Gackt/Hyde
Georg solo - to posters of Bill meridian_star Idol Worship Georg 1,614 Georg/Bill
Georg + Bill + toys Cat With the Cream     Georg/Bill
Gackt/Hyde - werewolves The Beast Hyde 2,081 Gackt/Hyde
Georg watches (secretly) as Bill and Tom make out Concealed Georg 524 Bill/Tom
Tags: ficfest: mmom

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