Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Weird Dreams

Okay, so my father managed to ring this morning and wake me in the middle of a most odd dream and hence I remember it.

It started off as a cracked film version of the last HP book with Harry back at Hogwarts and the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher complaining that there were weird errors in all the summer homework her pupils were handing in. Turned out to be a new Quill from the Twins that automatically did essays for you - and it had a glitch in it. There were all these clips of Harry in the Great Hall, seemingly enjoying himself about something that was never revealed. Then we flicked to a police station interogation room, where Captain Jack from Torchwood was trying to explain to four police men that he was in fact helping Harry Potter destroy Voldemort and they had to let him go. He had this weird device that was supposed to make them freeze (y'know the musical pan-dimensional key in Masters of the Universe the movie - it kinda looked like a smaller one of them) so he could run away, but it wouldn't do what he kept thinking at it (it was thought activated) and at one point it turned all of their faces to Seamus from Any Dream Will Do. If that wasn't bad enough he then began apologising about the whole thing ... which is the point where the phone rang.
Tags: info: general

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