Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


I forgot to do the birthdays last week, I'm sorry. It was because we had a bank hol on Monday and then I totally forgot that I hadn't done it :(.

So, Happy Birthday to:
maubast for the 9th,
scandalous_chib for the 10th,
izell for the 11th,
nemkess, _outercourse, ladymorgana13 and bookworn80 for the 12th,
dela and support_gc_sp for 13th,
evanescens and dihall for the 14th,
papermulberry, wolvies_wench, stepmnstr and leyenn for today,
chelidona for tomorrow,
okinay and yllyana for the 20th and
alternateyou, lexin and zedmeister for the 21st

I hope you all have/had great days.

If you think I don't know about your b-day and you would like me to add you to my list then please comment here.
Tags: info: birthdays

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