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bishie_daily is trying to kill all it's members, I'm sure. Rather than just posting piccies of lovely looking men they're now having contests. Last week's was "Best Smile", which I could just about cope with ... there were a few melting to mush moments, but nothing too spectacular, but this week it's "Best Abs" and I am sure I will get no work done until people stop posting :).

On a completely other random topic, my taste in music seems to become more and more eclectic the older I get. I am currently listening to a playlist which contains:
  • Tokio Hotel
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Hyde (Roentgen and Faith)
  • Gackt
  • L'Arc en Ciel

So that's German, Japanese and English. I suppose the one thing they all have in common is pretty men :).

I'm working on an illustration for The Dragon Saga at the moment. It's of Gackt as Dragon-sama and I'm working on the dragon tattoo at the moment. It's so much easier working straight in digital - no annoying trying to clean up pencil marks or anything, just sketch on one layer and then turn it off when the final one's done. I love my Wacom :). I think Rob may be regretting saying put it on the Mac though, because he hasn't been able to get near the machince since the weekend ::g::.
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