Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Stuff and birthdays

My beloved spent 5 hours on Saturday putting together our new multi-gym and I used it properly for the first time this morning. Boy, am I going to ache tomorrow :). We had a different machine before, but it was a titled, sliding seat and used your own body weight as the resistance and I hadn't used it in ages because I kept falling off it. The new one is much easier to use :).

Also pootled upstairs yesterday and caught Rob testing the new DVD player's movable subtitles using the Moon Child DVD. Seemed he'd put it on and was hooked so we sat down and watched the whole thing and he finally realises that I don't keep watching it for the pretty and that it's a really good film :). My overriding thought in the prison scenes is the same as ever: 'Heavens, Hyde is tiny'.

Happy Birthday to:
maeglinyedi, ngaio, delacey, somekindofberry and peppery_lime for the 26th,
littleroo27 for the 27th,
dracavia for the 28th,
xena_2001de and charismamidday for the 29th,
nagasaki175, frostfalcon and themostepotente for the 30th and
platformnine for the 31st,
Tags: info: birthdays, info: general

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