Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


Okay, so since I'm mostly afk for the next 3 weeks I'm going to do all the birthdays in advance.
Many Happy Returns to:
the lovely alyse for the 27th,
quicksilvereyes for the 28th,
jadarene for the 1st,
madam_malicia for the 2nd,
vickyverce, sparklinblossom, mary_re and briel_morrigan for the 3rd,
taligator for the 4th,
luesietjuh and tigerblak for the 5th,
anansay and narcolepticnemu for the 7th,
luthien and kate_tur for the 8th,
mio_83 for the 9th,
circumchance and vcnielson for the 10th,
the_plotbunny for the 11th,
seremanwe, noagirl and kagyakusha for the 12th,
kupukello amd bookworm_2005 for the 14th,
anna_blue for the 15th,
inmyth and sapphirequill for the 16th,
lily_firebolt and avioletmermaid for the 17th,
quillofdri for the 18th,
sorion, katemonkey and inspiredlife for the 19th,
greenhouse3 for the 20th,
alloveryou for the 21st,
welsh_briar, thedoyleswife for the 22nd,
trudyblue, firewood and iltb for the 23rd,
dickiesicebox and kiwivodka for the 24th and
mmariep2, droolings and sam_mccoy for the 25th
Tags: info: birthdays

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