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Tokio Hotel

Okay, so I reckon I have about five minutes before my head starts pounding again (I had a sinus infection of some kind that makes my head throb if I look at the computer screen too long).

So, this is all fayelafee's fault; she posted a link to Übers Ende der Welt, Tokio Hotel's latest video on her LJ HERE and I made the mistake of thinking, ooh pretty, one look won't hurt. Yeah right, how wrong I was :). I seem to have picked up a taste for music where I don't understand all the lyrics from the jrock stuff, or possibly it's just a taste for boys who look like girls, but I have fallen for Tokio Hotel.

There's me thinking I wouldn't like a German teeny band ... I just ordered their first album and shall be ordering their second when it is available on Amazon.

This is them if you're interested *points down* (behind a cut to save my flist):

Gustav, Tom
Georg, Bill

Tom, Gustav, Georg, Bill

I had to put in both because there is heavy debate as the whether Bill looks better with his hair floppy or spiked :). I like both.

Bill and Tom are identical twins - yeah, honestly they are :). Look at the facial structure. Both very pretty, but I have to admit I'm a Bill fan. Is it wrong to perv over someone when you're twice their age ... I feel so old ::g::.

At least I speak a little German, more than I thought actually after having been listening to their music for three days straight. For those who don't ... I believe they are bringing out an English language album in the UK and US this year. If you want lots of info go here: th_cult and if you want RPS go here: tokiohotelslash. Yes, the main pairing does seem to be twincest.

OKay, done the pimp think, going to log off now.
Tags: fandom: tokio hotel

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