Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Greetings :)

First off, Happy Birthday to:
closetidentity for the 15th,
epona34 and black_and_bloom for the 16th,
slytherinboyz and empire3k for the 18th,
slice14414 for the 19th,
medieval1066 and closet_bound for the 20th and
roxyroller121, son_of_darkness and swtjemz for the 21st

Secondly - are there any CSS experts on my flist who could help me with a problem please. I know a reasonable amount about CSS, but my skills are rusty and IE is playing silly whatits with the hpvamp archive. In both Opera and Firefox the story titles disply fine, but in IE they disappear and do weird things sometimes.
Example is here:
I think it has to do with the tr and tl tags, one of which has the correct bg colour, the other which is transparent and I think they're interfering, but I have no idea why. The page passes the checker as being correct CSS, but I'm at a loss. If anyone knows how to fix the phenomenon I would be incredibly grateful. Thanks.

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