Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Random musings :)

Y'know I never would have expected to see karaoke in a porn movie (and karaoke where they do really well as well), just not something I thought would ever happen. Only in J-porn!

So far I have succeeded in the write something on my novel every day resolution, but failed in the getting out of bed and exercising one. For various reasons we have been late to bed and neither Rob or I have had the energy to climb out again even earlier than usual. We have made a pact to start on Monday.

Torchwood - dear Jack; the most likeable Mary Sue I've come across in a long time. Need lots more Ianto/Jack now :). We (the family) did, however, on the whole have to come to the conclusion that the Sarah-Jane Smith Pilot, as created for children, was better written than Torchwood. Too much sex, not enough plot in Torchwood we believe (and did you ever think you'd hear me say that?). I mean ep 10 of T could have been watched in fast forward and you wouldn't have missed anything - didn't think ep 11 was that great either! Possibly if it was Jack shagging someone rather than Owen I might have been more forgiving, but that's just me being fickle ;).
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