Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Porn-it-forward :)

This sounded like fun ::g::.

Snagged from taibhrigh and changed a little.

The first several to respond to this entry with a prompt (word, phrase, scenario, pairing etc) get a little off-the-cuff ficlet of "porn". The rest of you writers out there post the same call in your journals, and we can start off the new year with a, umm, bang.

[Edit: Pictures will do as prompts as well if you like :)]

You can pick from the following fandoms if you want to pick pairings rather than just random stuff :) : Harry Potter, Jrock RPS (Hyde, Gackt, DeG, Gazette), Torchwood/Dr Who, Highlander, New Pros, Weiss Kreuz (Kapitel only - I don't know anything else), Anita Blake, VBS, Moon Child or any combination of the above :).

I will do as many of them as I can this evening until I run out of steam :).

P.S. I am still working on the fics I promised at Christmas, but I want to have them all done before I post them. I've done three of them so far.

[Edit 2: Sorry, I'm out of time for tonight. I'll see if I have some time tomorrow to finish the others.]

[Edit 3: I've not forgotten about this, I just didn't have time to write the rest last nigh; I'd forgotten it was choir practice night. I shall get back to it this evening (Friday)]

[Edit 4: I'm not posting in order now, I'm posting as the muse takes me, but I will get to all of them eventually.]
Tags: type: comment porn

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