Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Dec14, Anita Blake, n/a, PG

Fandom Advent Calendar
Dec 14
Fandom: Anita Blake
Pairing: n/a
Rating: PG

Anita was of the opinion that Nathanial and Jason were four year olds in adult bodies when it came to Christmas preparations. Her house looked like an electrical outlet had mated with it and formed some new mutant, glowing life form and there was just no way the chosen tree was going to fit anywhere without some serious modifications.

She had also found mistletoe over every single doorway and hadn't been able to make it from the bedroom to the kitchen without kissing several people on the way for days. Even Damian seemed to be in on the kissing thing!
Tags: fandom: anita blake, ficfest: advent drabbles, fictype: drabble, rating: g to pg13

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