Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Advent Drabbles

I've seen several people mention Advent and drabbles on my flist and I decided it was time I had a go at ye ole drabble. Hence, as of tomorrow, I will be doing an Advent Drabble Calendar. I've written 16 of them so far and fandoms include: Harry Potter, Jrock, Supernatural, Anita Blake and Weiss Kreuz. I am not yet sure if it will include more yet, I'm just writing them as inspiration strikes. I've only ever written a couple of drabbles before so limiting myself to 100 words a pop is an interesting exercise :).

Does anyone know if there is a cross-fandom comm for anything like this, similar to the one for the Merry Month of Masturbation (I searched for advent in interests and nothing popped up)? If not, would anyone else like to play, because I'll set one up now if you want to?

[Edit: I created a comm for those who want to play adventdrabbles. If it turns out someone has already done it I'll just delete it :)]
Tags: fictype: drabble

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