Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Strange dream...

... okay, I'm not sure who to blame for this because last night I had an SGA dream; with plot (not a great plot, but this is SGA ::eg:: ... okay I'm sorry, I didn't mean it). Just for the record I don't watch much of SGA, just the odd ep here and there. Oh and this bit I am blaming on moonlettuce and temaris, my dream was John/Rodney.

It started with John on a planet with this woman (so what's new?), and she had these semi-sentient root plants that if you removed the very bottom and implanted it at the base of someone's brain made them telepathic with anyone else who had had the same procedure. The plants were kind of symbiotic in that they'd do this themselves if given half the chance to feed off the brain waves. The woman (who never did get a name) wanted John to stay with her (for ever and ever), which was why she implanted him with one of the roots and he liked it (no I don't know why, when I told Rob about the dream he suggested it could be because it made the sex better), but when Rodney came to find him John gave up being telepathetic and went back to Atlantis with him and they removed the root.

But this was not the end, oh no! For some reason John needed the root back and they wanted to implant Rodney as well (no I have no idea why - possibly the sex again :)). They couldn't go back to the planet the roots came from for some other undisclosed reason so they had to go looking for the roots on other worlds. They eventually found two in a market, but they had been deliberately stunted so they couldn't be what the locals considered "dangerous". I'm pretty sure they were going to take them back to Atlantis and get Beckett to work his magic on them, but I woke up, so I shall never know :). And thus ended my SGA dream.

Now I dream bad fanfic - go me! ::g::

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