Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Back at work ...

I had the most wonderful week off - I did absolutely nothing I didn't want to do :). I was going to try and get a lot written on my novel, but work's been a bit stressful and so I decided I just needed a break. It worked too - I feel like I've been off for much longer than a week which is great.

We've been tidying the house over the weekend in advance of our anual Christmas/Birthday party and we actually pulled everything out in the study and put it away in poly boxes. I had no idea some of the stuff we have :). I'd forgotten how much art stuff I have hidden away.

I failed in the domestic skills as usual in that we discovered that the the clean sheets had been muddied by the cat and so we had to do a big wash so we had something to sleep on. Silly me stripped the bed and washed everything rather than leaving those and re-washing the ones the cat had dirtied, and I threw everything in the dryer confident it would all be dry by bedtime, but forgot I'd also put a towel in the washing machine as well. The towel had become tangled with the duvet and accidently ended up in the dryer as well and hence everything was still wet when we went to bed. We ended up sleeping on our duvet sans cover with a spare one, also sans cover over us; most bizarre :).

I really suck at the domestic stuff. This evening I have drawn the tidy up all the books in the study while Rob actually cleans bits of the house :). I'm much better at the cataloguing thing - I already did the DVDs last week; and yes, I admit it, that was one of the things I had fun doing ::g::. I can't help it if having all my DVDs categorised and alphanetised within the categories makes me happy ... I have a few odd quirks.
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