Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Birthdays ...

I just realised, I never did the birthdays last week ... please forgive me, I really thought I had, but obviously that was a complete halucination.

Happy Birthday to:
blaneygreenleaf for the 21st,
rom969 for the 22nd,
asimplechord for the 23rd,
june_glasschild for the 24th,
lildove42 and watermelon_chic [Edit and ccmom] for the 26th,
[Edit: souliesoul for the 28th],
xingou for the 29th,
no_pickles, cynicalkarma626, clevermomi and jess_darkwater for the 1st of Dec,
onethirty, red_rahl, bbombay, wren_chan and chera for the 2nd and
sexxypirate for the 3rd
Tags: info: birthdays

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