Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Birthdays and stuff

Sorry this is late, I meant to do it yesterday, but let's just say that my afternoon did not go well and leave it at that. My beloved dragged me out to PizzaHut and the cinema last night to cheer me up and it worked a treat. We saw "The Host" - good movie, I enjoyed it a lot. There were eleven of us in the cinema to begin with and eight made it to the end :). It's very Asian with a quirky sense of humour in with the horro and I don't some of the audience got it. I think they expected blood and guts and your average monster movie just with English subtitles and there wasn't really any blood and guts at all.

So back to what I orginally intended this post to be for, the birthdays. Many Happy Returns to:
spinifex_faerie, ponderosa121 and wellowned for the 13th,
eviljade for yesterday,
vampsarecool, xrain_princessx and mysteryqueen for today,
medalline and nefernat for tomorrow and
lost_house, 10th and painless_j for the 19th

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