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I am sad that I have not had time to do my Japanese lessons lately. I'm so knackered in the mornings that I'm still on lesson 20, however, I did shock myself the other day when reading fanfic and the title was in Japanese (romaji) and I actually figured out what it said. Not only have the lessons sunk in, they have stuck, I was amazed. One day I will learn how to count highter than 100!

In other news - we have just purchases a BMW Z4 - it was a bit of a shock, considering we weren't even really thinking about it until the weekend. The Smart Brabus is coming up for its warranty renewal and so we were considering changing cars and Rob has been idly looking for about a month (y'know, just looking at the options for buying around March time), but the lovely lady in BMW came up with such a good deal that we couldn't say no. They're taking the Brabus off our hands and even though the price they can get for it is 700 GBP less than what is left on it's payment passport, they're covering the difference, and they lopped 3K off the price of the car. Rob didn't even have to haggle, he just told her what our budget was and she met it - absolutely amazing. We should have it in two weeks. It's silver with black leather seats that hug you when you go round corners.

I almost had the nice lady in the garage calling the tiptronic gear box, the flappy paddles, I wonder if I can get her to call the class-M seats, huggy seats? It's the small things that amuse me :).

And finally - if I never see another truffle it will be too soon. Last night was truffle making night on the choccie front and, hell, are they a pain in the proverbial!

Note to self - buy new nail brush because chocolate under the nails is unattractive :).
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