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Fic: Dragon Saga 03 - Dragon's Heart 03/04, Jrock RPS, NC17/18, Gackt/Hyde/Megumi

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Title: Dragon's Heart 03/04
Series: Dragon Saga 03
Link: To the rest of the Dragon Saga
Fandom: Jrock
Pairing: Gackt/Hyde/Megumi (various combinations)
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: Hyde and Gackt and any other people you may recognise are real, this isn't and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.
Warnings: mentions of past non-con, threesome, vampires
Summary: Megumi has an announcement that means Gackt finally takes her and Hyde to Kyoto to meet the elders of the clan. Hyde finds out that his vampire status is not so much an accident as it is destiny and the relationship between the three changes significantly because of it.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Soph for the beta. This took me a lot longer to write than I expected, but it is finally done. You have to have read the rest of the Dragon Saga to understand this one.
Word count: 7,041

Previous Chapter
Chapter 3 Clan Bonds

There were many things Hyde could have expected from an evening in Gackt's company, especially when they were both naked, but playing video games was not one of them. Gackt had had some things to do with the clan that needed taking care of, some paper work or something and after a little bolstering alcohol he had simply given Hyde and Megumi the run of his rooms while he worked at the desk. Hyde had been in no state for anything sensible so Megumi had turned on the PS2 and handed him a controller.

It was as he died spectacularly for what had to be the fifteenth time at the same obstacle that he heard a deep chuckle behind him.

"You're zigging when you should be zagging," Gackt said from what couldn't have been more than a couple of feet behind him.

"I tried zagging," Hyde replied with shake of his head, "it doesn't work either. I supposed you've finished the entire game?"

"It's new, I haven't played it yet," Gackt said as Hyde looked over his shoulder at him, "perhaps Mei-chan could show us how it is done."

"I prefer to watch," Megumi replied and the grin that brought to Gackt's face was priceless.

Megumi realised what she had said almost instantly and blushed beautifully, and even Hyde found himself grinning at the whole idea.

"Well we could try that later," Gackt said in an amused tone, "but for now I believe we should retire for the night. It is almost three and although the clan is semi-nocturnal I know how much Hyde likes his sleep."

Hyde looked at the simple digital clock on the table next to the PS2 and found that it was indeed nearly three in the morning. He hadn't even noticed the time passing, but then ever since he had been turned he had become more of a voluntary night-owl himself, going to bed late and sleeping in when possible rather than being forced into it by his life style. Gackt had told him that vampires tended to need less sleep the older they became, but Hyde had seen nothing of that so far and he still liked a good night's sleep as much as he ever had.

"The bathroom is just through there," Gackt said and indicated another beautifully carved door. "I have already used the facilities and you should find all your toiletries inside."

Switching off the game, Hyde refused to think about one fact that had been preying on his mind before he had become engrossed in the PS2 and he headed for the bathroom with Megumi. He managed to avoid the whole subject in his mind until he returned to the bedroom and then it was rather obvious: there was only one bed. It was large and low, but there was definitely only the one and Gackt was already in it.

Gackt looked at him expectantly as he just stood there; clearly he was supposed to get in, after all the whole idea was to get close to each other so that when they finally decided to bond he wouldn't completely freak. It wasn't even as if he hadn't slept in the same bed as Gackt before, because in Taiwan he literally hadn't been able to sleep without Gackt and Megumi there for several weeks, but there had been no sexual overtones then and they definitely hadn't been naked. The attraction between them was still very much there, but they had successfully been ignoring the issue since Hyde's need to feed from Gackt had passed.

"I do not bite unless invited," Gackt was obviously trying to lighten the mood with his comment, but Hyde still couldn't bring himself to move and the smile on Gackt's face faded quickly. "What is it, Hyde-kun?"

What Lee had done was not something he wanted to share and he felt like such an idiot, but Hyde simply couldn't make himself climb onto the bed. Every time he thought he might have conquered the problem, he went to move and Lee with Gackt's face flashed into his head. When he had realised what was happening to him that night it had been one of the most terrifying experiences of his life and he was beginning to realise quite how far he had to go before he could leave it behind. If he wasn't careful he was going to panic.

"Hyde-kun," Gackt said gently as if speaking to a small child as he very slowly climbed out from under the covers, "please tell me what is the matter."

The familiar feeling of power and warmth filled Hyde as his maker moved closer to him, but this time it was not enough to chase away his demons. They were not just interacting as maker and child now and he could not simply fall back on the comfort that having Gackt close usually gave him. When Gackt carefully placed a hand on his shoulder he almost flinched away, but he managed to just about hold still.

"I will never hurt you," Gackt said quietly and in a tone that begged no argument, "and I will do everything in my power to make sure no one else can either."

Hyde didn't know whether to laugh or cry; how could he tell Gackt that although it hadn't really been the older vampire, as far as his instincts were concerned Gackt had already hurt him? Logic and reason told him that it had all been Lee, but that didn't stop the images from showing him Gackt.

"He made me think it was you," he said before he could run away from that hardship too, "when I first woke up he made me think he was you."

Gackt's expression went from calm and careful to horrified in a second and Hyde knew he had hurt his friend. It was the pain he saw in Gackt's face that spurred him into action and as his friend and maker went to remove his hand Hyde caught it and held it on his shoulder.

"I know it wasn't you," he said fiercely as he tried to burn the image from his mind, "I knew then as well; I knew you would never hurt me. I refuse to be a slave to an illusion any more."

And with that he turned to Gackt, reached up and pulled his companion's face down to his and kissed Gackt as passionately as he knew how. It was probably not the most sensible move in the world given his current mental state, but it was all he could think of. Gackt was clearly startled by the move, but warmed to the idea very quickly and Hyde felt himself pulled close to another warm body as he danced his tongue across Gackt's lips. He was desperate to remove the taint from his memory; to drive Gackt's face from overlaying Lee's actions and to do that he needed Gackt now.

In his desperation he reached out with everything he had and it was like something opened inside him. As he pushed himself against Gackt it was as if floodgates opened in his mind and body and he was swamped by the most wonderful feelings. Love, desire and caring flooded through him and his own thought processes dissolved under the onslaught, melting into the beautiful confusion as if he was being absorbed.

"Hyde-kun," a voice called to him from what seemed like a long way away, but he was too busy basking in the glory of what he was feeling to answer. "Hyde-kun," the voice was more insistent the second time and for the briefest moment he felt something that was physical not mental.

Almost as if that one glimpse was enough to bring back reality the wonderful world he had found slowly faded until he came back to himself and realised that Gackt was holding him up. Blinking up at Gackt in what he was sure looked to be a very stupid manner he did his best to reassert some semblance of sense and it slowly dawned on him whose emotions he had become lost in.

"Hyde-kun," Gackt was speaking very slowly, "are you all right?"

He would have replied, but as he went to speak he found himself taken by the most almighty yawn so he nodded instead. His whole body felt warm and tingly, but his wits were still a little scrambled.

"Empathy," was about the most sensible thing he could think of to say, "sleep now."

Gackt didn't seem to know how to take this revelation, but when Hyde turned towards the bed and almost fell over his own feet his friend moved to help. Whatever had happened had blown his mind and wiped him out and he decided that it made life a damn sight easier as he climbed into bed with Gackt's help. He was falling asleep as his head hit the pillow, even before Megumi had reappeared from the bathroom.


Gackt carefully pulled away from where he had been partially curled around Hyde and pushed himself up on one arm so he could see his bed companions properly. How someone as small as Hyde could take up so much of the bed, Gackt was at a loss to explain, but the other vampire seemed to have half the bed where he was snoring quietly on his front with one arm thrown haphazardly over Megumi. It really was an adorable picture and for a moment he did consider picking up his mobile from the table beside the bed and taking a shot, but it was possible Hyde might then try and kill him so he decided against it.

When Hyde had admitted the whole truth about what Lee had done to him, Gackt had been almost sure they were headed for disaster, but the kiss afterwards had been, quite frankly, amazing. He was pretty sure he knew why Hyde had all but passed out afterwards, because he'd quizzed Kado about everything to do with empathy to make sure of what he was up against and Kado had said that the most complex thing an empath could do was give back some of what they were feeling. When Hyde had kissed him, Gackt had definitely felt something coming from the smaller vampire; not amazingly strong, but something nevertheless, and he was almost positive Hyde shouldn't have been able to do that yet. Of course, compared to fathering a child, displaying more advanced empathy than he should have been capable of was a trifle, but Gackt was putting nothing past Hyde anymore.

His eyes travelled over to the beauty lying next to her husband and Gackt could not help the small smile that played at his mouth as he looked at Megumi. She was definitely a stunning woman, but Gackt knew that Hyde would never have fallen for her without the passionate person behind the beautiful face. He considered himself lucky to be one of the people who knew her; they had become close friends since Taiwan, but he had never expected this development in their relationship. Necessity made strange bedfellows, this time literally.

It had occurred to him that one day Megumi might want to join her husband as a vampire and he had been prepared to grant the request, but he had never considered this kind of scenario. He still wasn't sure that Kado was right and completing the bonding and leaving Hyde and Megumi to their lives was still an idea that lurked at the back of his mind, but he didn't quite understand what he had felt coming from Hyde when they had kissed.

For all he knew it was a reflection of what Hyde must have been experiencing from him, but it hadn't really felt like that to him. However, he had never felt anything from an empath before, only when a blood link had been established had he sensed anything from someone else and so he knew he might have been reading more into this than there was. He had always told himself that the only thing between him and Hyde from Hyde's side was friendship with a good side of lust, but what he had felt hadn't been that and he was beginning to believe Kado was right about Hyde.

He glanced at the clock and was not surprised to find that it was only a little after seven in the morning. His internal clock was very good at waking him and he carefully climbed from the bed. It was unlikely either of his companions would be awake for some time and so he walked to the bathroom silently; there were many things he could do without waking his guests.


It was about noon and Hyde was of the opinion that this was one of the strangest days he had ever lived so far. When he'd woken up, he had discovered that both Gackt and Megumi had been awake before him, although Megumi was still in bed with him and it had taken a vigorous shower to chase the last sleep away from his dopey mind. Then they had all had breakfast, or rather brunch, which they had taken their time on, and then they'd just started doing normal things; all naked. Hyde had borrowed Gackt's laptop and was currently surfing the internet and Megumi had started reading a book, but was now playing Go with Gackt.

It would all have been perfectly civilised except for the fact that none of them had any clothes, and it hadn't taken Hyde long to realise that his clothes had actually been removed from the room. The most frustrating thing was that Gackt really didn't seem to care about being naked and wandered around as if it was the most natural thing in the world, but Hyde couldn't help feeling a little self conscious. Megumi had looked a little awkward when she had first climbed out from under the covers, but even she seemed to have settled much better than he had.

It was very annoying to be the only one still feeling silly and he was lying on the bed, randomly looking at websites trying to gather the courage to do something else. He felt more than a little ridiculous and every few seconds he would glance up at where Megumi and Gackt were sitting. Megumi had a little crease between her eyebrows as she looked at the game board, a clear sign she was concentrating hard and an expression which Hyde had always found adorable. He smiled slightly; he really was the luckiest man in the world.

From his wife his eyes flicked to Gackt who appeared as serene as usual. At the moment his friend was in his completely human form with perfectly styled light coloured hair and pale, but not white skin and the ethereal being Hyde had only met on a few occasions was buried, but Hyde could still sense what was below the surface. Vampires had two faces with variations in between and Hyde could not help wondering if his faces would become more dissimilar with time. When he allowed his full vampire side to surface, unless he bared his fangs or stared at a person with glowing eyes no one would really know the difference, but in his full vampire form Gackt was a supernatural warrior. It never ceased to amaze Hyde how Gackt's hair could change from short and brown to long and black and he made a mental note to ask if it was his position that gave Gackt such a drastically different look.

Both the people sitting across the room loved him; Hyde knew that without a shadow of a doubt, something not many others could claim and he let himself ponder both of them silently. The previous night he had opened part of himself he did not fully understand and he had seen the truth of Gackt's heart and he knew why Kado had warned him that this could not be for just now. It had been the most wonderful feeling, but it was not only that; he knew without a doubt that knowing what he knew he could never break Gackt's heart anymore than he could break Megumi's. His feelings for Gackt had been confused for some time, but he wasn't being allowed to run from them anymore. If he looked at his reactions honestly then the only reason his feelings for Gackt had ever been platonic was Megumi.

Not sure quite what he was doing he reached down into himself to try and find that feeling of openness he had experienced the night before. Without the desperation, it was not easy to do, but eventually he thought he found what he mentally visualised as a door and he pushed against it, opening it just slightly. What assailed him was not quite what he was expecting and he barely stifled the gasp that threatened as he mentally slammed the door again. Megumi might have looked as if she was concentrating on the game, but from the desire that was pouring off her, Hyde had to admit his wife was a very good actor. Her eyes flicked his way and she gave him a small smile before looking back at the game board.

Hyde was laying flat on the bed and he realised with a sinking feeling that he was beginning to feel rather uncomfortable in the groin area. He had been so careful to keep his thoughts as platonic as possible and to jump on every possibly arousing idea with merciless determination to annihilate it, but he had been undone by his lovely wife. Now he definitely couldn't stand up, not unless he managed to find something very unattractive to will away his growing erection; looking at Megumi and Gackt really wasn't helping now that his brain was on that track.

He pushed the laptop to the side and let his head fall forward with a groan; who was he kidding? Now that he knew what Megumi was suppressing he was sunk.

"Hyde-kun is everything all right?" Gackt's calm tones asked and made him want to vanish into the bed.

"Fine," he said without looking up and hoping that the blush he had to be sporting was not visible at all.

He heard Gackt speaking to Megumi in a very quiet tone that even with his now sensitive hearing he couldn't make out and he just kept his head down. The first thing he knew about anything that was going on, on the other side of the room was a touch on his shoulder. He looked up automatically to find Megumi looking down at him with a small smile.

"I know that groan, My Love," she said with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, "I was beginning to think you would never crack."

Hyde's eyes flicked towards where Gackt was still sitting across the room, but Megumi took hold of his chin and dragged his attention back to her.

"Forget about everything but me," she said, looking him straight in the eye and, as he stared up at her, he found that he could.

His wife really was an incredibly beautiful woman with smooth curves and pale perfect skin and he let his eyes roam over her form as he hadn't been letting himself do all morning. Just looking at her made him want to touch and he slowly lifted himself off the bed, kneeling up and doing his best not to be self conscious of the burgeoning erection he was sporting. Reaching out he let his fingers slide lightly down the side of her neck in a way he knew she loved and then he moved closer.

When their lips met it was a familiar, mutual move and Hyde closed his eyes to finally lose himself in the sensation and forget about where he was or why he was there. Megumi's lips were soft and warm against his own and he let himself taste them for a while until she opened her mouth just slightly and he took the opportunity for what it was and darted his tongue through the space.

He slipped his arms around Megumi, pulling her close as they kissed passionately and their bodies moulded together as only those very familiar with each other could. Hyde knew his wife intimately and when he broke away and began kissing down her neck he knew just where to linger to make her moan and throw her head back. Running his nails down her back made her arch against him and brought them into even more delightfully close contact and he moaned quietly as well, enjoying the friction. When he moved on from her neck, he had every intention of exploring every erogenous zone he had ever discovered on his wife's body.

Hyde was so engrossed in trailing kisses all over Megumi's lovely breasts and encouraging her to make the prettiest sounds, that he did not notice that Gackt had moved, not until a body brushed up behind him and the softest of kisses was placed on the back of his neck. He tensed immediately, he couldn't help it, but it seemed both Gackt and Megumi were ready for it and Megumi turned his face to her, caught his mouth with a kiss and ran her fingers over his aching erection. For his part Gackt continued to rain kisses onto his shoulders and used skilful fingers to remove the knots from his back before they could properly begin.

In his mind Hyde knew he was being played and deliberately distracted, but his mind did not have a lot to say in how his body responded as the fear was cut off before it could blossom. When Gackt did no more than kiss and caress him, not pushing for anything else, he began to relax properly again and he could focus again on Megumi. Gackt remained behind him, a warm presence with the lightest of touches and Hyde put his concentration into kissing his wife properly.

Before he realised how far he was going, he found himself lowering Megumi to the bed, touching her as he would have at home, instinctively knowing what she would like. Only part of his mind was even aware that Gackt was there as he caressed his wife and gently urged her legs apart.

Vampire senses were far sharper than a mortal's, since they were night hunters at their core and Hyde closed his eyes for a moment as the scent of Megumi flowed over him. When Kado had told him vampires were base creatures it had not been a surprise, he had already experienced the effect sex had on him. Once he had conquered the fear that had surrounded him for so long and finally gone to Megumi, he had found that he could be as consumed by his wife as by the intoxication that was feeding on blood. After the first time they had slept together after Taiwan, he had been worried that he might back away again, but he was addicted to Megumi almost as much as he loved her.

Leaning over her, he kissed his way over her flat stomach as he stroked the inside of her thigh with his finger tips. It did not matter to him that Gackt's hands were gently moving over his own body, even as they made him shiver and he was aware of them, but his focus was Megumi. He wanted to give his wife pleasure and he let the idea fill his mind, chasing away the last of the doubt that lurked in the corners of his thoughts.

He stroked his fingers over the warm mound between her legs, enjoying the way Megumi moaned and let her legs fall further apart. Knowing that she wanted this as much as he did was important to him, because it was a strange situation for both of then. When he gently opened her slightly he found just how much Megumi did want this as his fingers slid into wet heat. Spurred on and knowing what she liked, he immediately slipped two fingers into her and pushed his thumb lightly over the nub of her clitoris.

The resultant gasp and the way Megumi raised her hips was very much gratifying and he watched her face, eyes closed in pleasure as he moved his fingers slowly. He loved to see her in this state, coming undone because of what he was doing. His own body responded with shots of hot arousal as Megumi pushed against his hand, wanting more. He could make her come from this if he wanted to, when Megumi was in this state it didn't often take long, but he wanted it to last longer than that so he moved his thumb for now and went back to kissing her stomach.

When a face pressed against the crack of his arse and a tongue swiped over his entrance, Hyde almost collapsed on top of Megumi as shock and the most unbelievable shot of arousal lanced through him. He had literally never felt anything like it and it had not been what he was expecting at all. There was no way he could continue what he had been doing as all thought scattered from his mind, but it appeared Megumi was ahead of him again. She took hold of his hand, that had been sliding into her, and brought it up to cup one of her breasts and she then replaced it with her own hand. Hyde was assaulted from behind by the sensations of Gackt's wicked tongue as it probed him agonisingly slowly and in front by the sight of his wife pleasuring herself; it was almost enough to send him over the edge and only dragging up the memory of a guitar rift he was having the most amazing difficulty mastering saved him from that embarrassment.

They tortured him for what seemed like hours, but could only have been minutes in reality and he had no choice but to lose himself in the sex. The heady scents of it filled his mouth and nose and he wanted nothing more than to bury himself in Megumi, but that would have meant giving up the wonderful sensations from Gackt and he wanted those as well.

"I want you," Megumi said, lifting his chin and making him look into her eyes again, "as much as Gatchan wants you."

When Gackt pulled away he couldn't help the little moan that escaped him, which earned him a laugh from Gackt, but Megumi pulled him forward and he moved above her. Sliding into his wife, he had to move very slowly and then stop when he was fully seated in her, or it would have been over before it had begun. He was so aroused that he had to concentrate on not coming.

After a few moments of being enveloped in the soft heat he had himself under enough control to being to move and Megumi moved her hips in a gentle rhythm, bringing them closer together on his every thrust. He didn't need his empathy to know that Megumi was as close to the edge as he was and that spurred him on and perversely gave him more control. He wanted to see his beautiful wife in the throws of ecstasy and he changed his angle, thrusting into her hard as he knew she liked it.

Megumi's breathing was hard and she was making the most delightful moaning noises. It was all about her now as his focus narrowed down to giving her as much pleasure as he could, but it took him by surprise when Megumi reared up under him, shuddering and by the look on her face she hadn't been expecting it either. Possibly Megumi had been closer to the edge than him.

"Beautiful," he heard Gackt whisper as he pulled away from Megumi slowly and he realised Gackt was still touching him.

Soft touches here and there and he could feel his own arousal taking control again as he knelt up closer to Gackt. Megumi watched him from under heavy lidded eyes as he let Gackt kiss his neck and run clever fingers over his torso.

"Lean back over Mei-chan," Gackt whispered in his ear, "on your hands and knees."

That was the moment Hyde first felt the faintest touch of fear again, but he pushed it aside and did as he was asked. He smiled down at Megumi as he reached over her and tried to lose himself in his wife and forget what was coming. Gackt would never hurt him, he knew this without question and he kept telling himself he could do this. Megumi reached up to him, stroking his face, seemingly knowing how hard this was for him, but he could not help tensing slightly as he felt Gackt move in closer and run hands over his behind.

Gackt must have brought whatever they might need to the bed when he had walked over, because Hyde felt a slick finger gently touching him and his lover had not been anywhere. He felt Gackt lean over him and kiss his back, running the other hand over his spine in gentle circles and he managed to forget the slow caressing in the other sensation, until the touching became a little more insistent.

Gackt was touching him gently, probing ever so slowly with soft fingers, barely breaching him and yet that's not what part of him was feeling. The haze of sex and desire was being slowly eaten away by the memory of insistent fingers that had forced their way into his body, an experience that filled him with fear and shame. He was becoming more and more tense and not even Megumi could distract him as he warred with himself.

"Please stop," he finally whispered, ashamed and unable to prevent the tremors of fear throughout his body.

He could not help sagging with relief as Gackt did as he was asked instantly; he felt so stupid and cowardly, but he just couldn't do it. Crawling away and hiding in his shame seemed like the only option, but before he could move strong arms wrapped around him, pulling him from his knees, turning him and drawing him into a close embrace. He buried his face in Gackt's chest without question.

"I'm sorry," he said, trying not to lose it completely as the memories washed over him.

"Ssh," Gackt said, running fingers gently through his hair and cradling him as if he might break, "there is nothing to be sorry for."

Hyde did not know how long Gackt simply held him, but the other vampire did not even slightly release the gentle hold until his trembling had almost completely stopped. He had taken comfort from Gackt like this many times after the attack, but it had been months since he had needed it and he felt weak. It was as if all the work he had done to try and put Taiwan behind him was for nothing.

"Can you open your empathy," Gackt asked in a slow and gentle tone, "like you did last night?"

Pulling his face away from Gackt's chest Hyde looked into the other vampire's dark eyes; there was nothing between them here, not coloured lenses, not clothes and he couldn't quite believe it, but could see it as he looked; no blame either.

"I'll try," he said, not sure he knew how, but not wanting this to be a total failure.

"That is all anyone can ever ask of another," Gackt replied with a kind, supportive smile.

Hyde did not understand his empathy; he accepted it existed, but it still did not make much sense to him. His mind shied away from showing him when it had broken free the first time as he tried to banish those memories, but it was like reaching for smoke. He was afraid and no where near as desperate as he had been the previous evening, or as calm as he had been only a few minutes previously, but he did his best to find the feeling inside himself, the feeling of opening to what was around him.

It was frustratingly difficult as part of him continually shied away from the experience, not wanting to remember the thoughts that sex with Gackt suggested to him, but eventually he managed to bring his will to bear. It was no where near as overwhelming as it had been the previous night and his visualisation of a door didn't seem to apply anymore either, but he finally sensed something. It was warm and gentle and wonderful as it trickled into his awareness and he could not help gasping at the depth of the love Gackt was sending to him. He felt like melting into it and wrapping himself in it and never letting the feeling go and he leant against Gackt's chest with a tiny moan.

He did not deserve love like this, he was a flawed, broken thing and this was pure, but he could not reject it. It was like balm to his soul and he felt himself relaxing into Gackt's embrace.

As he knelt there just soaking in the feelings from Gackt, they began to slowly change. The deep, warm feeling started to gain something else, something far hotter that drew Hyde on like a moth to a flame until he realised what it was; Gackt was aroused. His reaction to Gackt's advances had all but killed the arousal he had been feeling and it seemed to have had a similar effect on Gackt, but Hyde could feel it building again and what shocked him most was that by the time he realised what was happening he was aroused as well.

Slowly he pulled himself slightly away from Gackt and he lifted his head again to look into his lover's face. They gazed at each other for a few moments as Hyde let himself give in to the feelings and then he nodded, just slightly. Gackt did not move fast after that, but the older vampire did shift slightly, moving them away from Megumi and began to lower Hyde to the bed.

When Gackt had him lying on his back his lover moved back to kneel up once again and as Hyde watched Gackt's hair began to change, darkening and growing into the long flowing locks of the High Dragon. Power flowed over Hyde like a warm blanket; not demanding power, but power that spoke of maker and friend and lover and it chased his fears away. The iridescent dragon on Gackt's chest was still one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen and part of him expected to see it move.

As Gackt moved to touch him this time, he did not tense and he did not try and shift away. He was captivated and aroused and he closed his eyes and moaned as Gackt slipped one finger into him. His mind was free of other images as he was probed ever so gently and he let his legs fall wider apart as he accepted the sensation. For the first time since the course of action had been decided, he actually wanted it and his body relaxed to allow the intrusion.

"You have no idea how long I have dream of seeing you like this," Gackt whispered to him, working him looser and carefully adding a second finger.

Hyde wanted to sink into the feel of the love surrounding him and the fingers opening him, but he held himself in the present, wanting to be an active part of this rather than just a placid participant. He moved his hips, pushing himself against Gackt's hand, demanding more. It had been a long time since he had done this as a willing participant, but he remembered it now that the memory of what had been done to him in Taiwan had been pushed back. He knew how to relax and the heady pleasure-pain mix could make him forget his name and he wanted Gackt.

"Now," he said almost as soon as his lover had three fingers in him, "take me now."

When he opened his eyes and looked at Gackt, his lover appeared unsure, but Hyde knew what he wanted and he rarely backed down. He continued to look straight into Gackt's eyes and eventually Gackt removed his hand and slipped his hands under Hyde's knees. Gackt arranged them carefully and Hyde let his ankles be lifted to his lover's shoulders until Gackt was nudging against his entrance. Applying the lubricant to his cock in generous measure, Gackt finished preparing them both as Hyde waited.

It was going to hurt; that much Hyde was well aware of, but it was all a matter of balance and he had no doubt the wonderful sensations that came with it would take his breath away. They did not need words, they both knew they were ready and Hyde did his best to keep breathing as Gackt slowly pushed into him. The burn was bad, but Gackt did not stop until Hyde could feel all of his lover inside him and it was incredible.

Breathing hard, he lay there forcing his body to relax into the sensation of being filled and eventually he gave a small nod. When Gackt pulled out it still hurt, but nowhere near as much and the thrust back in was the same. It wasn't long before Gackt's slow, smooth thrusts had him panting in ecstasy rather than discomfort.

When Gackt stopped moving while fully seated in him, he found himself blinking up in surprise, a little disgruntled that his rise to orgasm had been interrupted.

"I think Mei-chan is feeling neglected," Gackt said, leaning over him and Hyde could not help flushing as he remembered his wife. "I believe you should take her as I take you."

Hyde was not given the option to protest as Gackt pulled out of him, leaving him wanting and he found himself scrabbling to obey just to get that sensation back. Megumi was quite willing it seemed as she wrapped her legs around his waist as he moved over to her and slid into her soft folds. As Gackt pushed slowly back into him his muscles wanted to turn to water and his bones to jelly, but he just about managed to hold himself in place. He had never experienced anything like it and the sensations from his cock and ass threatened to take away all thought.

Moving together was awkward at first, but it did not take them long to find a rhythm that worked and Hyde lost track of who was doing what to whom as his empathy relayed how much they were all enjoying this. When Gackt changed angle and began to brush against his prostate with every thrust, Hyde did lose sense completely for a while and he knew he was ready to explode. He did his best to let Gackt know, but he wasn't sure he said anything useful. This was one encounter he didn't want to end, but he knew it was going to soon.

When Gackt finally pulled him away from Megumi, up into a kneeling position, they were still deeply joined and the change in angle had Hyde whimpering.

"Give yourself to the clan, Hideto Takari, my Hyde-kun," his lover whispered in his ear, "let go and give yourself to us, to me."

Hyde had never felt so exposed, so open to any experience and when Gackt's fangs sank into his neck as they hadn't done since the night he was changed, he finally released the last resistance within him. At that moment he belonged to his Dragon-sama, body and soul, and all barriers within him fell. Power rushed into him to fill a hole he had not known was there and emotion so strong followed it that it literally blew his mind. He felt his body respond, completing the rise to orgasm that he had been struggling to hold off for so long, but it was as if it was not quite his body as his mind disconnected from reality. He could feel Gackt, he could feel Megumi and he could feel hundreds of others like a remote crowd spread out around him. It was incredible.


Hyde was limp in his arms as Gackt slowly disentangled himself from his smaller lover and gently placed Hyde down on the bed. Hyde's eyes were open and staring, seemingly at nothing and everything at the same time, and the smaller vampire was breathing hard through an open mouth that revealed descended fangs. However, most striking of all was the pale, iridescent sign of the dragon across Hyde's chest. It was not as large as Gackt's rank mark, but it was just as beautiful.

Gackt let his own vampire fade, pulling his power back inside and feeling the familiar shift from Dragon Lord to just Gackt. He was never sure which skin he felt most comfortable in.

"Is he all right, Gatchan?" Megumi distracted him from his thoughts with her slightly worried question.

"He will be fine," Gackt replied, leaning over Hyde to look in his lover's eyes, just to be sure himself, "Kado warned me this could happen. His empathy is searching out the clan as the clan's power balances him; he may be like this for some time. We should stay with him until he returns to us."

Hyde's harsh breathing had slowed, but the small vampire showed no signs of sentience as yet, so Gackt resigned himself to the fact that what he had just told Megumi was true. He sat back slightly, reassured that Hyde would be fine and allowed Megumi closer to her husband. The way the young woman tenderly smoothed Hyde's hair back from his face and then lay down beside her husband touched Gackt's heart and he could not help the small smile that played at his lips. That he was being allowed to be part of this was more than he had ever imagined.

Settling himself down on Hyde's other sid,e he watched his two companions and let himself enjoy the welcome company.

End of Chapter 3
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Tags: category: threesome/moresome, ch_story: dragon heart, fandom: jrock, fictype: 10-30kwds, fictype: chaptered, genre: vampires, pairing: jr - gackt/hyde, pairing: jr - gackt/hyde/megumi, person: gackt, person: hyde, rating: r to nc17, series: dragon saga

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