Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Ramblings and a question

To the question first. Okay, in the UK someone might say something like "Elizabeth Jones don't you dare." using a person's full name to make sure they were paying attention. Would someone do something similar in Japan?

Scenario is two people on the phone where one is trying to convince the other to do something for their own safety, the second person is not believeing the first so the first just basically takes over and orders them to do as they're told. Throughout most of the conversation familiar names (-chan, -kun) are being used.

Thanks for any pointers.

It's for one of the fics I'm currently writing, and by currently I mean have edited in the last week. I really have to do something about my butterfly mind and finish some of the fics. At last count I have 10 Jrock RPS (mostly shorts but 3 long ones), 1 Moon Child (long), 7 Weiss Kreuz (all longish), 1 Torchwood (short) and 3 HP fics (2 long 1 short) on the go and if I expand the envelope to a month I can add in five more including 2 Supernatural and 1 Bones fic. I really am hopeless!

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