Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Anime/Jrock fandoms ... again

Thank you to everyone who replied to my previous post about anime fandoms - a most interesting read. Sorry I haven't replied individually yet, but this weekend turned out to be very, very busy when we took a last minute trip to see my husband's parents and then had a friend over yesterday as well :).

So, to those who said they really don't like the throwing in of Japanese words, what about the use of honourifics specifically? The way I look at it is that since they are forms of names they should be used in speech, like nicknames and such, but do they drive you batty as well? Is it just that most of us are hideously bad at using them? Do we get it really wrong?

Personally I've read through several guides about which ones are supposed to be used where and then gone and researched the names used in the show (anime)/interviews (jrock) to find that the rules don't seem to apply the way the guide said they do :). Am I looking at the wrong guide?

Could someone point me at a good one? Thanks.
Tags: fandom: anime

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