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I've been thinking about anime fandom and writing fic for it. Now in most other big fandoms it's obvious what language to use when writing - in a Brit fandom you use Brit Engligh in a US fandom you use US Engligh, but in a Japanese fandom that you watch with subtitles that you just happen to be writing in English, what language do you use? Should a person go with US English because it's more likely that a Japanese person would have learnt US English if they happen to speak anything other than Japanese, or just go with what is native to you?

I suppose it's a question that can be transfered to any translated fandom, but it was anime that got me thinking :).

Personally even though I'm UK based I find myself using (well make that trying to use) US English to write the fics because usually if the anime shows are re-dubbed they are re-dubbed in the US, but I think it is possible to argue that Brit English would be fine too.

What do y'all think?

[Edit - When I say US or Brit English, I mean things like jumper/sweater, pavement/sidewalk rather than punctuation. Y'know the things that prevent mental images of big hulking great men in dresses when it's not intended ::g::.]
Tags: fandom: anime

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