July 15th, 2021


My tweets

  • Wed, 20:57: Has Amazon India removed erotica titles? Was just checking my Virginia books and Amazon India now lists only one book. Yet it doesn't show any difference in the KDP backend. And I searched Google and loads of links seem to be coming back not available.
  • Wed, 21:07: RT @luesi02: [#TOG] I don't think I ever posted this nicky doodle here? I was trying out new style and I kind of like it? https://t.co/ZfTk
  • Thu, 10:02: RT @xysanaz: trying to follow an american recipe https://t.co/RpGMZAk2Z2
  • Thu, 10:05: RT @GuardianTricks: @OriginalFunko Are you looking for a new fandom because I have the perfect one for you. A fandom who are international…