October 2nd, 2020


Fic: The Conversation, The Old Guard, Nicky/Joe, teen

Series: Beyond the Blood 02 (sequel to Bad Luck & the Law of Averages)
Title: The Conversation
Fandom: The Old Guard (Movie 2020)
Pairing: Nicky/Joe
Summary: They're beginning their rescue mission for Quynh, but they haven't had the conversation about Booker yet.
Rating: teen
Warnings/Tropes: vampire
A/N: I don't have time to write the full sequel to Bad Luck just yet (too much going on in RL) so you'll have to forgive me and have some short interludes first. I hope you all enjoy this first one, my beta readers response was 'awwwww'. Saying that, thank you Soph for reading this for me so quickly and thank you so much to everyone who commented and left kudos on the first story.
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Fic: I Feel, Therefore I Am - The Old Guard, Booker, explicit

Title: I Feel, Therefore I Am
Fandom: The Old Guard (Movie 2020)
Character(s): Booker
Summary: Booker is numb, he needs to feel something.
Rating: explicit
Warnings/Tropes: Knife Play, Booker is a mess, dark themes, Masochism, Kinktober, Immortal healing
A/N: I was not sure I would have time to write anything for kinktober in the end, but this came to me. Please be aware this is dark and not a happy tale. Thanks to Soph for the beta.
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