October 1st, 2020


My tweets

  • Wed, 13:41: Mine sounds like a romance novel 😂 Natasha: I Just Died In Your Arms https://t.co/FNoT4l5UOZ
  • Thu, 08:22: RT @histoftech: Why haven’t aliens visited our solar system? They looked at the reviews first... only 1 star.
  • Thu, 09:41: Sitting here wondering what the odd squeaking noise is ... turns out Ruby is snoring in a new way today. #cats https://t.co/rrx533TQTX
  • Thu, 09:50: Have to say I'm impressed with Google docs these days. Once I used it only if I had to, but for basic drafting it's superb now IMHO. For complex formatting I will always be an MS Word gal, but for the basic writing, Google docs is doing it for me.😉 https://t.co/TtWks24irz