August 30th, 2017


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  • Wed, 06:51: RT @hils_k: Kids on tumblr apparently think adults writing fic about teenage characters is creepy. No one tell them about the Harry Potter…
  • Wed, 06:58: RT @ericsmithrocks: Your future author name is your first name and your last name. Because you can do this.
  • Wed, 06:59: RT @HoustonTX: We will not ask for immigration status or papers from anyone at any shelter. This rumor is FALSE!
  • Wed, 06:59: RT @HoustonTX: No vamos a pedir documentos ni estatus migratorio en ningun albergue este rumor es FALSO!
  • Wed, 07:00: RT @janinegibson: South Asia is also experiencing the worst flooding in decades and these photographs are horrifying
  • Wed, 07:02: RT @the_blueprint: really just spent two minutes like "why would you shame someone with tuna?"
  • Wed, 07:03: RT @benwikler: While we're rightly horrified by the floods in Texas, giant monsoon floods have killed 1200 people in South Asia 1/ https://…
  • Wed, 09:39: Anyone have any good recipes for runner beans? I have a fridge full - it is bean season in our village :D
  • Wed, 10:56: RT @williamslauram: Women running start-up invent a male co-founder to overcome friction. This is simultaneously tragic & hilarious. https:…