March 6th, 2017


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  • Mon, 07:59: RT @ClaireFuller2: My Dad & I have been exchanging this birthday card since 1984. This February it got lost in the post :-( If you find it…
  • Mon, 08:00: RT @NumberOneBug: Here's some good trans positivity from tumblr and for trans men w/ chest dysphoria
  • Mon, 09:18: RT @NatRusso: Sometimes you need to schedule your writing time. If you want people to believe it's your job, then treat it like one. #write
  • Mon, 10:06: RT @WilliamShatner: Have you not seen the Kirk Spock slash fiction? 😏
  • Mon, 10:07: RT @NerdyAsians: Malaysian artist Wayang Kuilt recreated DC's Justice League as shadow puppets with cultural elements - to show superheroes…
  • Mon, 10:09: Have started making lists so I don't forget anything when we go away :) And also don't forget to stock house with essentials for in-laws :)