January 2nd, 2017


Seeking Harry/Draco fans

Good morning all :)
Seeking Harry/Draco fans

So I'm involved in helping to set up a new Drarry community over on Wattpad. Fanfiction is a big part of Wattpad, with Harry Potter being one of the larger fandoms and we'd like to set up a place for users to come and find the really good Harry/Draco stories. As we all know, one of the big problems on fic sites, be they original or fanfiction, is often signal to noise ratio.

We'd really like some reccers and some fans willing to review fics submitted to the community to see if they meet quality standards, such as spelling and punctuation and, y'know, other simple things like being a proper story and not click bait.

We're still in the discussion stage of how to actually set up the community, but it will most likely be run using a Google email, Google hangouts and Google sheets etc so we all know what we are up to. Hence a gmail is a must, but they're free and easy to set up if you don't already have one.

Wattpad doesn't have useful things like moderators for a community so, I think, the idea is to have just a couple of people who can log in and deal with updates and many who can deal with finding stories, checking them out, adding them to the to add pile etc. Also we're considering a beta reader section and cover art and meta.

We'd also love to entice some Harry/Draco writers over to post their fics on Wattpad as well as AO3 and LJ etc. As far as I can tell many, many people on Wattpad have never heard of AO3 or LJ so it's a whole new audience :). We're hoping that setting up an active community will help all the Drarry fans connect just like the comms on LJ do here.

If you are interested comment and I will get back to you.

If you're already over there - LMK so we can link up :)
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