September 23rd, 2016


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Some Wattpad story recs + New Chapter of Dead Before Dawn

So Wattpad is full of stories, and as you can imagine, not all of them are worth reading. I've been surfing around for the last week or so looking for good things to read and I have found three that I really enjoyed or am enjoying. I've written them up in a post over at Tasha's Thinkings:

Also, as promised, it's Friday so Ch2 of Dead Before Dawn: The Vampire Curse is now available over at Wattpad.

Dead Before Dawn: The Vampire Curse

Chapter 2: Body and Blood
Max is still alive, but for how long? Dawn is coming.

For those who are unfamiliar with Wattpad, it is a social media site for posting fictional works. There are FREE apps for most operating systems as well as a web interface, so you can read straight on your phone and receive text updates when a new part is ready. If you follow me I can also send you messages, so I can tell you if anything new is happening.
Please LMK if you are on Wattpad and I will follow you back.

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