September 22nd, 2016

Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Been having a lot of trouble eating over the last few days ...

... and no, it's not because I'm allergic to anything or I have a bug - when I say trouble eating, I mean it literally, as in swallowing things.

I've had issues for years now - anyone who knows me and has had to wait for me to finish eating knows I take forever. I am the nightmare that waiters and waitresses have because I throw out all their usual schedules. It's all to do with bringing myself to swallow things - I have to chew everything a ridiculous number of times before I can convince my brain it's a good idea.

What's even sillier is I love food. Fine dining - I am so there! In fact a taster menu is my ideal because it's lots of wonderful flavours in small packages and I can never eat huge amounts at one time.

I know it's all in my head, because if it's something like chocolate or I'm distracted, it's usually no problem at all :).

At the moment it's everything. Yesterday I choked on water - no, not kidding, couldn't get myself to swallow the water, tried and then got it wrong. It's because I'm a little tense right now (book launch and all) - it's always worse when I'm tense. Need to get back in the gym and work out the knots, I guess.

*bangs head on table* Stop being neurotic - eating should be easy!

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