September 5th, 2016

Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Birthdays 5th - 11th Sep

Happy Birthday to:
5th: gabriel_kata
7th: kyliemou
8th: scarlet_reader, shadafakup
9th: girlofavalon,[personal profile] toscas_kiss, the_secret_side, kitty_fic, pyros_are_fun
10th: ria_kukalaka/[personal profile] ria_kukalaka
11th: ivanagorup, lallina88, tdarlene, meggie87, anmkosk

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

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Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Pizza and Film Night + Food Discovery

Pizza & Film Night

Had great fun on Sat night - went over to our friends' house and had a pizza and film night. It was so much fun.

We watched two diametrically different films:

Both brilliant for very, very different reasons, and both great to share with people who hadn't seen them before.

Deadpool is so funny and so batshit that is is absolutely wonderful.

Spotlight is so very well done: dramatic, but not overly so and full of brilliant characters and actors.

Food Discovery

So I bought some sausages last week because I thought I would cook them as a treat for Rob, since we try to have healthier options most of the time. I made Toad in the Hole for us last Wednesday. For those who don't know this is sausages cooked in a Yorkshire pudding style batter. It used to be one of Rob's favourites before we decided that healthier options were better for us.

As we were munching our way through it we realised something - we didn't like it any more. It was too heavy and greasy and, frankly, not nice. I told my personal trainer about it at the weekend and he laughed :) Turns out if you eat enough of the healthier side of food eventually, you, you know... get to like it.

Anyone tell me which film I just quoted in the italics? :) The full quote is:

You do it because you were trained to do it, because you were encouraged to do it, and because, eventually, you, you know... get to like it.

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